Monday, October 6, 2008

Chart (not the music kind)


Anonymous said...

Please Bill. I beg you. I realize you have strong political views and you can do what you want with your blog, but please do not make this a place to make political statements. Music is a way for people like myself to "tune out" and escape the "real" issues that face us every day. There are plenty of place I can go on the web to hear what people think of the presidential race. This is not one of them.

Bill Janovitz said...

Anon, it is a chart. Relax and understand that I am a human being who knows as much and as little as more or less anyone else. I am not uni-dimensional and I do not exist for the escapism of others. One humorous aside (the few people who read this will note that in the same sentence I called Palin a "trainwreck," I also used the term to describe/predict my own performance) and a bunch of irate dudes decide to post comments. I reply.

I don't think my political views are any stronger then most sentient 42 year olds. I have freedom to think and speak and reply to people who get offended by a joke. But yes, for the most part, I don't choose to use this or any other forum to air my lefty-moderate views on politics, religion, economics, etc. Because I pretty much don't know what I am talking about when compared to someone writing for, say, Foreign Affairs or the Economist. But I enjoy a little give-and-take every once in a while. I find it especially interesting that there are those so diametrically opposed to my views that would otherwise like me, my music, etc. We thus see an illustration that the singer is not the song. That is interesting to me.

We are in the year of a major election that should serve as a referendum on the direction of our country (which I am accused of not loving by knee-jerk nationalists below. I continue to be astonished). It is my "blog."

I appreciate your desire for rock and not political content, but if you want only escapism, go check to see if there is a Dancing with the Stars blog.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I appreciate your response and, as stated in my previous post, I respect the fact that this is your forum to do what you want with. While I may disagree with your views, that doesn't change the fact that your music has been an escape for people like myself for the better part of two decades. Sorry, but whether you want to or not, your music does provide "escapism," as scary as that may sound. Just like the pro athlete who says, "I never asked to be a role model." The bottom line is that he is to my 7-year-old son. However, the last thing I'm trying to do is get in some kind of political joust. That's what I was trying to avoid in the first place. So, whether we agree or disagree politically, I hope you keep the great music coming and GO SOX! (That much we can certainly agree on.) Hope to see you at the Lizard Lounge.