Monday, September 29, 2008


I have good news and bad news. The good news is the Red Sox playoff games will not interfere this week with the inaugural show at the Lizard Lounge. The bad news is the VP debate will be happening. SO those of you who like to watch train wrecks will have to choose between our usual train wreck on stage and the other one known as Sarah Palin. I suggest you DVR the debate. which will also be linked ad nausem online. But Bill Janovitz and Crown Victoria and Friends will not be TELEVISED! You cannot DVR the visceral classic rock spectacle that is the Jano Show nor can you shut off the Jano/Aiken Debates about which song we should do next.

But I am tickled about the upcoming Lizard shows. We will have 5 of them. They will be only slightly more organized than the Toad shows. We will have more room to spread out. We will have a big acoustic component, either starting that way and building each set, or whole acoustic sets integrated into the evenings. I will write more set lists, even if skeletal. And, if elected, I promise to not take 5 minutes between songs at attempted "humor" to cover up the fact that we have no idea what to play next.

Many of the Toad shows -- given the intimacy of the place -- had people shut out on the sidewalk waiting to get in. Though there will be a nominal "fee" (no new taxes under my administration) to enter the subterranean homesick cavern club, you can rest assure that this will keep some of the riff raff out and also will have the benefit of allowing me to pay the musicians more than $12.34 each and then having to collect more in return from them for their breathtaking bar bills (no bail outs either).

So come down, one and all, starting this Thursday. Each night is special. It is like a "happening," a "be-in" and a celebration of our one-ness all at once-ness. You'll never know what you're missing, even if you are there. Guest stars, fireworks, shark acts, air shows, carnivals, feats of strength, safety demonstrations, language tutoring -- whatever you're looking for will likely be there for you. Just look within your heart. There, you found it!

Bill "Star Man" Janovitz


Mike H. said...

President Roosevelt was televised to. Oh wait there were no TV's and he wasn't president yet. It was very soothing for the American people at the time.

MM said...

gee and I thought all this time that the "Trainwreck's" opponent was the real know- plagerizer, the Catholic who doesnt stand behind his own religion's beliefs, Senator that doesnt stand behind his country and President in a time of the anger against Palin amazes me.

Bill, you are better than including your political views, or politics of any kind into your music. I've been a gigantic fan of Buffalo Tom for 14 years now and love your music...we can hear political BS anywhere. Keep it to BT and the Red Sox and fun diversion topics from real life....

camille said...

argh! hate to miss another show! can't someone tape it??? anything new being played? when will mike h give it up already?

Mike H. said...

I will give it up when Bill stops tauting me!!! He is such a fickle political argument mistress!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike, putting Biden aside for a minute (I've never been that huge a fan either, frankly), I don't believe for a second that you really believe that Palin is in any way qualified to be President of the United States.

There's a difference between a gaffe (Biden was obviously thinking of FDR's fireside chats), and just utter cluelessness.

Mike P said...

oh, sorry - Anonymous 11:01 am was me.

rich L. said...

Mike p...I can't wait for this debate. Let's count the gaffe's made by Biden. the over under is now set at 5 in Vegas. Then let's count the excusers in the main stream press. I just hope there are no wheel chair bound folks there tomorrow.

Bill j. remains to be the king of the drive by politcal jab. I'll admit that at least he is consistant.

mm said...

so Mike P...was Biden's plagerizing a "gaffe" too? How about not supporting our country to succeed in Iraq?

The experienced PRESIDENTIAL candidate is whats most important, then the VP situation we worry about next...hence my comment about why so many liberals hate Sarah Palin??

Mike P said...

oh look who's back.

I didn't say there wouldn't be gaffes. I didn't say it wouldn't be a tough debate (though for the wrong reasons) for Biden. I also said that I'm not much of a Biden fan. I am saying there's a difference between a 'gaffe' and not having any idea what you are talking about.

What I was doing was asking you hyper-partisans to judge Palin on her own merits, because everyone who I've talked to who defends her, defends her by criticizing Biden or Obama, which isn't the same thing.

The fact that you only focus on 'gaffes' instead says it all.

Of course, it is more important to focus on Obama vs McCain and Obama has demonstrated to me, and most Americans according to the polls, that he has thought seriously enough for long enough about these issues. I really did used to like McCain a lot. I didn't agree with him on very many issues, but I respected and BELIEVED him. But now, he has squandered all that, flipping his views on the things that made him a 'maverick.' His silly not-helping stunt last week didn't help either.

Add to that his reckless and crassly political choice of the clueless Sarah Palin - who, given McCain's age, stands a greater chance than most Veeps of becoming President - and voting for him seems pretty dangerous to me. Don't take my word for it - there's a growing chorus of right-wing writers, pundits, and voters for that matter, who will tell you the same thing.

Which isn't to say that you far right-wingers should love Obama. I'm just asking you to stop pretending you work for the RNC and defending Palin and McCain reflexively.

Mike H. said...

Well Michael the canard of Biden as international affairs expert to me is equally as odious. Lets consider he voted against the 1st Gulf war, voted for the 2nd, voted against the surge, and gained some traction for a while with a plan to partition Iraq in to 3 regions by religious affiliation. The last certainly was a recipe for a capital D disaster.

As for Mrs. Palin this "growing chorus" you speak of consists of George Will, David Brooks, and a woman whose name escapes me right now. I suspect if Mrs. Palin performs as miserably as Mr. Janovitz and other jaded lefty wishful thinkers believes she will you will see what a real chorus looks like. Actually it will be a heading for the exits in a rate not seen since Johhny Damon hit the grand slam in game 7 of the 2004 ALCS.

However the fact is the comparison of Mrs. Palin to Obama is indeed a fair one. He is the one that will take the corner office. Actuarial tables say the odds of both McCain and Obama living through a first term are very very high.

So based on the odds calculated by the professionals this debate is much ado about nothing.

I can look you in the eye and tell you that Palin is every bit as experienced as a 1 term Senator who has been on the campaign trail for 2 of the 3 years he has served. It is that simple. He has had 2 years of work to get up to speed on the broad spectrum of issues. That is the only difference.

Mike P said...

I am not talking about the vague concept of "experience" - I am talking about her not ever know what she is talking about.

Mike, I'm not surprised when it comes from some others, but you, who has shown himself to be a sensible person? You may hate Biden more, but I can't believe that you, after all you have seen of her so far, fully believe that she is ready to step in and be president.

As I keep telling you, I'm not particularly a Biden fan. I will say though, that I don't know if "a plan to partition Iraq in to 3 regions by religious affiliation" will be any more of a disaster than what we have seen happen. Though I know that we're supposed to pretend the last eight years never happened.

Obama's career has been more than just his time in the Senate. He's shown sufficiently to me to be a serious person who has considered and worked on these issues. Meanwhile, Palin was going to 6 colleges in 5 years to become a sports journalist and pageant winner. McCain, for his part, was trying to recover from being part of the Keating 5. Building up a reputation as a 'maverick' that he has turned his back on in his quest for the presidency.

Is Obama perfect? No, of course not. But again, since I have certainly not forgotten that the last eight years have happened, I say through the bums out.

rich l. said...

mike p. said: "I am not talking about the vague concept of "experience" - I am talking about her not ever know what she is talking about."

Wow, a Governer who never knows what they are talking about. So she achieved the highest level possible within state government without 'ever' knowing what she is talking about? Hmmm...this seems a bit silly doesn't it mike? Word has it that she was excellent in her debates to become governer but I guess according to you I suppose those listening had no idea what they were listening to so they elected her. Brilliant!

It's a shame she couldn't be more like Obama and show her wisdom by voting "Present!"

To me though, the big question going into the debate is where will Gwen Ifill hide her 'Obama For President' pin; perhaps under her Obama pom poms.

Mike P said...

Rich, you are right: she did know how to abuse her power as Gov, so I guess that probably transfers.

I'm obviously talking about national and international issues, of which she hadn't really expressed any interest or positions on before this month.

And when one leaked out (why do her positions have to leak out?) over the weekend, it was in agreement with Obama's policy, and McCain had to correct her. They tried to claim, as always, that it was 'gotcha' journalism when in reality it was her talking to a voter on the street. I guess that means she was lying to the voter. Doesn't make much sense either way.

I was curious about the Gwen Ifill choice too, but McCain said he thought she'd do a good job, so who am I to argue?

Mike H. said...

I actually like Biden on some levels. I know he is full of shit but he cracks me up. I wouldn't buy a car from him though.

The jury is still out for me with Palin. She had a good interview with Gibson and a bad one with Couric. She either had a bad day or overplayed the possum part. I think it was a combination of both. Either way if she is as you say she will be exposed tommorow evening and I promise I will give you an honest assessment. I will concede that Huckabee would have been a much sounder choice in terms of battle tested.

Speaking of that... You want to watch the debate and then head over to see the hootenanny? My wife and her freinds are going to a bar to watch it. I was more inclined to the better acoustics of my living room. I live about a mile or two from the lizard.

Mike P said...

Mike H -
I'm not sure what my timing will be like tonight. Also, part of me is politicked out and would like to avoid it and enjoy Bill's set.

And isn't it rude to use Bill's web site to schedule things happening at the same time as his show?

I'll check in here later, I guess - is there another way to get in touch? Are you on Facebook? Maybe a PM through the Noise board?

Mike H. said...

I figured the hoot doesn't get rolling till 10 so we won't miss much.

Besides, it isn't like I'm trolling for people to attend a Bob Seger tribute band show.

Kevin G said...

Here is my set list from my post-debate attendance. I know I'm missing at least two covers I didn't know, and am not sure how much happened before I got there

In a Day
Stay with me (faces cover)
I found out
What would I do
I've got a feeling (not sure if that's the correct title- BIll's brother Scott sang this one as he has at the Toad shows)
Makes no difference

set break

Didn't hear no one pray (title?)
She thinks I still care
American girl
Loving cup
Have mercy

Bill Janovitz said...

Don't know who "mm" is in the comments section of the post, but great to see the old right wing faction of BT nation crawling back out of their hole, pasty and pale from all those years in the Darkness. Was wondering where all those strident supporters of W went for the past 4 years. Don't let the light blind you.

I tell you, it is not easy to be so consistently correct politically (though not always politically correct) and also be a musician who is asked to "keep politics out of the music, man". The ones who tell you to keep the "politics out of the music, man" are generally the ones who have simply been wrong, supporting, for example, the worst administration this country has ever seen by almost any measure. It is astonishing how black and white W made the American viewpoint. And I agree: bad/good, right/wrong. The. Worst. President.


And yet again, the right diminishes the opposition to someone's politics as "hate." To clarify: to acknowledge the existence of a train wreck is not to necessarily "hate" the train wreck, though in this case, I pretty much hate almost everything this particular train wreck represents to American politics: anti-intellectualism; foolish adherence to failed policies; dismissal of dissent as "unpatriotic"; intolerance; appeal to lowest common denominator; using social issues to distract from more important matters; religious superstition (glad to know she will be protected from witchcraft) and use of that superstition to justify any number of policy decisions.

Watching anyone doing the backflips to defend the choice of Palin as VP and the GOP manipulation of McCain as reflected in that "choice" is breathtaking. Anyone who is not embarrassed that politics in this country has sunk to this level, where someone of Palin's stature is seriously close to becoming president deserves the leaders they get. And I thought that after the past 8 years there was no other place to go but up. Even a President McCain and almost any other choice of a running mate would have been a vast improvement over what we have had. But the GOP of Karl Rove, Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, Ashcroft, Lott, Brownie, Scooter (where have you gone, Newt? Television? Nixon? In this land of blind men you one-eyed men would be KINGS!) has found another level of low.

Mike H. said...

Oh Billy Billy Billy it is amazing how you skip over what might very well be the worst congress in history and go back to your worn out yarns about what you see to be the worst administration in history.

Remember 2 years ago it this time Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and Murtha were going to usher in a brand new day? They sold you a bill of goods and you lefties have been eating the shit they spew up like seal treats. They control the budget and all committees yet spending lives on and thankfully their bumbling has pushed us towards a better resolution in Iraq than they promised in spite of themselves. Matt Talibi of Rolling stone summed it up best when he called Harry Reid "the biggest political pussy in history." I believe you can extend that to the whole fucking lot down there including Barney Frank.

Barney Frank.... the man who along with Chris Dodd allowed the Government Sponsored Enterprise version of Enron change the way banks did business. "Nothing to see here. Fannie and Freddie are fine. Don't take away houses from the 'deserving' you evil republican bastards!". In an amazing twist of common sence and principle Fannie was allowed to skate on their massive accounting peccidilos as long as they wrote and backed more loans to the poor! Only in Washington. At every juncture the Republicans tried to regulate this monstrosity each year increasingly lessened risk aversion from banks lending money the patriarchs of class warfare screamed bloody murder, burred bills in committee or had their fellow salons vote unanimously to prevent the bill from coming to the floor. As long as the rates were low and prices were going up everything was just jim dandy despite the pleas of economists, treasury secretaries, and republican committee members. So for you to come here and lay this all at the feet of Bush is myopic, wrong, and simply ignorant.

I will indulge you that President Bush joins the long list of sons of privilege who fucked up a free lunch. However I hearken back to the days of my youth when a man they called "Jimmy" aw shucked his way in to the oval office. A man named Reagan sent him to the exits because your party didn't have the balls to replace Earl with the brother of JFK.

Why do I go back so far? Because indeed Bush could have been ushered out after 4 years also if the democrats put forward any body better than Kerry who would have been a reasonable steward in dangerous times I would have been willing to show Dubyah the exit. Joe Liberman was that man and your party turned its back in blind rage on the one man whom national security centrists could stomach. All you righteous ragers sent the only man who had a chance in 2004 to win a national election with a D next to his name to the exits. Real men of genius work there.

Mike H said...

Ah.... I need to edit that ramble. Damn you tommy tutone...

mm said...

Hi Bill- MM here again, you know, one of the bigger Buffalo Tom fans you have, who happens to just find this all a bit silly- we can agree to disagree, or I could fire back and insult you, but I respect your music too much and the joys it has given me. I dont hate, and I dont see how Palin derives hate. Barack Obama should however for 3 big reasons, and here they are...3 Easy Pieces...of his LIFE. His wife, minister, and long time friend. That would be 1)Michelle Obama, who has never been proud of her country, the good 'ol USA. 2)Reverend Wright...who amongest other gems said "God Damn America" 3)Bill Ayres...look him up...hes a friend of Barack, who is a terrorist. He bombed buildings in our country to make statements, amongest other disgraces. 3 Easy pieces...of s#iT.

Bill Janovitz said...

mm - Got it, say no more. Your argument, such as it is laid out, is so fundamentally sound and clearly delineates your mode of thinking that there is no need to elucidate or hurl ad hominem "insults" at an ignorant singer dude. OK, I get it: guilt-by-semi-association with 2 marginal characters and a ridiculous characterization of one's spouse is enough reason to vote McCain. You have swayed me. Oh, wait a minute...Keating? What about Mrs. McCain (interesting New Yorker piece on her), and, perhaps the most relevant McCain association of all: Sarah "Book Banning, Rape Victim-Charging, Bridge to Nowhere Denying/Supporting, Power Abusing" Palin.

As Obama said, "Out of touch, out of ideas, and running out of time." When one can not successfully debate the issues (the war, the economy, the support of Bush/Cheney), one must try to Swift Boat the candidate. The Karl Rove/Corsi/Lee Atwater politics of personal destruction.

And, Mr. H(I will spare them you from spelling out yr name), I would have assumed you of all people could have done better than to try to defend the charges that this admin has been the Worst Admin of all Time by pointing out the lamest Congress. OK, I agree, weakest, most frustrating Dems ever for a party in charge of both houses. Tell me again how that lets Bush et. al. off the hook again? Actually, save your time until we next speak, as I am pretty sure this is the last glance at the comments for this particular post. BTW, you were the one who brought up the economy, not I. W claims the mantle of Worst Ever without even factoring in the fact that the economy went to all-out collapse. I know if Newt and those Repubs from back in the good old days were in power with W, the economy would be humming along, unfettered by all that messy regulation. Or are they now claiming it was the Dems who were for deregulation? I forget. Wasn't McCain the "foot soldier in the Reagan Revoltuion?" Saint Reagan was FOR regultation? I know: this is all due to Clinton not doing the right things and Bush has been trying to clean up the mess of all those years. Hannity for President!

Seriously, this would be laughable except that these may be some of the darkest days since the 1940s.

Everyone knows who I am; my full name is attached to my posts. I am not surprised that those still bold enough to post their support of the utter failures of the past 8 years are not proud enough to use anything but initials.

rich L. said...

bill, are you still beating the drum, or strumming your guitar, about your oh so liberal 'CNN equals god' view of the nation? What a shock! Though, I must admit, it always does put a smile on my face to hear views such as your own put out there for all to see because the more steam that comes out of your ears let's me know my guys are doing something right.
It still astounds me how the libs have still not come up with any other plan aside from "Blame W. for everything." As Mike H. alluded to, your congress came in 2 years ago and have done nothing other than put up approval numbers that have yet to reach double digits. It's laughable really. You claim W. to be the worst president ever. Can you back that up with any facts or figures or do we just assume that because you and the liberal media says it's true, it must be? Usualy it takes years to to judge a Presidents' time in office, but you seem to be way ahead of the experts. Props to you!

More to come...

Mike P said...

Pretty thin, Mike and MM.

On Rev. Wright: Dig even just a little deeper than the 4 seconds that most people assume is the sum total of Reverend Wright's sermon and entire career. If you go back and listen to at least the couple of minutes before "God damn America," I don't see how any decent human being, especially those professing to be Christians, can argue with what he's saying.

In the lead up, he asks the valid question about whether God loves America unconditionally: a country that slaughtered the native Americans, enslaved its own people, killed innocents in Iraq, tortured in Iraq, allowed its own people to suffer in die in New Orleans, etc., etc. He's arguing that if you are truly a believer, then we should all want America to behave morally.

Seems like valid moral questions to me... I guess that's unless you believe that God loves America no matter how it behaves, just because its America!

On Ayers: No doubt about it, as Obama has acknowledged, Ayers did bad things. Because his legal rights (make that OUR legal rights) were abused, he was given a second chance. You can debate whether that's justified, but considering Obama dealt with him many years later pertaining to education and has never expressed any sort of sypathy with Ayers bombings, doesn't sound like there's much to smear Obama with here.

Look, I don't hold McCain's confessing to war crimes in Vietnam against him, so maybe you can let this slide!

on Michelle Obama: really? This is your NUMBER ONE reason for not supporting Obama? that's a bit much. I'm not particularly proud of the way my country has acted in the last eight years either (which is clearly what she's getting at) and that doesn't make me anti-American.

Mike H - did you just endorse Ted Kennedy for President retroactive to '76? Wow, never thought I'd see that! Other than that, I'll just say this: Phil Gramm. Oh, and also, thanks to a Republican for pointing this out:

Obama March 2007 Letter to Bernake and Paulson

Mike P said...

'the libs have still not come up with any other plan aside from "Blame W. for everything."'

You really are just not paying any attention. Obama has talked about and layed out some detail about what he wants to do. More than McCain in many cases. But I don't figure you to be paying much attention to that. I mean, I'm sure that Fox News would've told you if he had.

If you mean politically, well, America seems to have wised up to the disaster that has been W, so yeah, it works pretty well.

You've had your way for the last eight years, along with Congress for 12 of the last 14 (and the Dems didn't have a veto-proof majority and had Bush for those two years). It astounds me that we're supposed to believe the Republicans are innocent victims.

Yeah, I do wish the Dem Congress would have more balls, but there's only so far they're able to go under the circumstances.

Bill Janovitz said...

CNN equals God. I can't believe I've finally been found out and called out on that. OK, back to my Larry Kind and Rick Sanchez addiction. BTW, who is the Penthouse Pet they have on in the morning, Robin Meade? She would certainly fit in on Fox. But on "God?" Hmmm.

Hey rich L., so good to hear from you again. I can tell it is really you due to the sort of semi-literate posts filled with egregious misspellings that I associate with certain Yankee fans once again with time on their hands in October. Now, get on back to your Hannity Talking Points and I will go watch some Olbermann Outrage.

Bill Janovitz said...

Oops, Larry KING. And here I am calling out a Yankees fan for misspellings. And to think, a prophet of God, Larry King! God forgive me.

mm said...

Sorry to not get back to you sooner Bill, I was working- to pay taxes like the other 55% of this states citizens. Do you want my home address? phone #? How can I be "public" to you and a bunch of other strangers? Listing my email addy only brings unwanted spam and harrassment, but for you, being that Buffalo Tom is my favorite rock band of all time, I'll consider it! While I do can you make a chart for MA too? I can help its easy- 90% Democrat, 10% Republican!

How many Republicans have you voted for in your life? I used to be a Democrat, voted for Clinton both times. Surprised?

No need for checks and balances here? We have a murderer senior senator (Kennedy), a Congressman who ran a prostitution ring out of his DC apt (Frank) and another who had underage sex with a 16 yr old boy (Studds) as well as local reps who should be jailed for harrassing women (Marzilli) not paying taxes (Wilkerson) and so many other wonderful hall of shamers it would take alot of typing to list. But I digress, I could be just "Swiftboating" them and not talking factually...

Tonight when you put your kids to bed to rest their Sleepy Eyes, tell them that Daddy will be fine and not to worry, he's not as crazy as he writes on blogs and that he loves America. If you promise that, I will promise to support our country no matter whom the president is, as I have done my entire life, unlike so many who spite this country because they dont like Bush.

In this country when a president does intentionally wrong as you accuse, he can be impeached. Oh, wait, that already the previous president before Bush. But Clinton did nothing wrong, it was those crazy right wing guys who framed him.

Songwriting is facts needed. Love your passion, but I like "Would Not Be Denied" and the passion expressed in that gem of a song alot better.

You took my short comments and made me into something far beyond, but since you did its a great opportunity to air it all out, I'm a good and decent man as I've always assumed you are. kings seventy four (number) at yahoo dot com Hit me up bro...anytime Bill, and lunch is on me.

rich L. said...

Thanks bill, good to be back...I suppose. You got me on the misspellings, it must be because I'm the product of these hinterland Long Island schools. Hey bill, where do you spend your formative learning years?

Anyway, just another dull October night here in NY as my team has missed the playoffs again for the...well, for the first time in thirteen years. Thanks for supporting your 'W. is the worst President ever' statement...well done. Is he really the worst though bill or is that just your opinion? It's kinda like Bob Weir sings on the song 'Walk In The Sunshine' from his most excellent album 'Ace' from 1972...'Watch what you hear now. Make sure that it's clear now. Just cause it's said, that don't mean it's true."
Just cause bill j. and Rolling Stone say it, that don't mean it's true.

As for the vp debate, one has to wonder how much Biden plagiarized. He, of perhaps the most famous instance of plagiarism in political history, surely wasn't putting forth his own lies..errr...I mean thoughts. As for Palin, come on bill, tell us what you really think of her. bill, I think your elitism is showing again, according to some of your statements regarding her. "Embarresed that politics has sunk to this level." WTF! Oh, you mean the level where a Governor is picked as a vice presidential running mate? I see your point now; how dare McCain sink so low. She has nowhere near the experience of Barack Hussein Obama. Why just look at all the folks he brought together in his community organization gig!

But seriously, I will give Barry the nod on one issue. He has already sat down across the table from a know terrorist, Bill Ayers, so he will already have experience when he wants to sit down with the other nut job radical folks who want us dead. Kudos Barry!

Bill Janovitz said...

Yet again, it is my admitted weakness to admit I even scan a post by rich, never mind actually reply to it. But let's start with this list and then you can tell us which administration has been worse:

Mike P said...

Holy crap, that's an awful long list.

some stupid stupid guy said...

Good call on pointing out Obama's middle name is Hussein. I think people around here have forgotten that Hussein is the name a terrorist would have and that was the best way to do it. Shrewd my friend.
Middle names, plagiarizing 3 lines in a speech in 1987, links to Ayres and Wright: those are all the issues that we real americans care about. Thank god the 4177 dead solders in Iraq and the 586 billion spent there to date has become blasé. The millions who will feel the ripple of this economic crisis? Screw that. The best thing all of us can do for America ( a country I love and those who disagree with me do not) is all agree to find some liberal rock star (ok, maybe not star, but still he hosted 120 minutes at one point) from the most liberal state there is and use it as a forum where we can all point so many fingers in the other directions we stop talking objectively or about anything that matters at all. (Have you guys seen the shit Dave Pirner is slinging over at his blog? Man!) What does Obama have to offer on energy? I'd rather hear how Palin's future son in law is a redneck. Biden talks too much? I'll see that and raise you McCain has 7 houses! Is Palin qualified to step in if McCain kicks it? I'm afraid instead of answering that I'd simply say she is a governor and turn the focus to Jimmy Carters shortcomings. Can Obama actually make the things he wants to do actually happen, or does he just talk a good game? Who cares, let's talk about rape kits! What dirt does Bay Buchanan have on dreamboat Anderson Cooper that she was able to infiltrate the liberal controlled media so she could tell us all the unbiased truth? Maybe she had more footage of Hilary Clinton almost crying somewhere. That is something I'd love to see! I'm an ignorant undecided until I see stuff like that.
The media, the campaign ads, and the discourse on blogs like this have all let us down in the same way. Know that. The lack of objectivity has let people like me down. The lack of what you tell me about your guy (or girl) has let people like me down.
Your knee-jerk reaction will be to blame the other guy, candidates or other posters. If you do, then maybe the ramblings of the 5 remaining people who read this is the best place for you.
Bill- I wish you loved this country, but your sole use of the word "trainwreck" in the initial post that caused this thread show me you do not. I am however reassured by the fact that when Obama wins ( ) you will agree with everything he does by default. He will be President, you will agree right or wrong, and thus be supporting and loving this country again. Conservatives, you love this country no matter what. It must be nice for a Democratic President to have the support of a whole country. Hmmm, who would I invade.... Maybe someplace that thinks soccer is some great sport or something. Or where they sell beer in half pints. WTF!
Sorry, I lost myself there for a minute. Thank you , god bless you and may god continue to bless America and her allies.

HokieRob said...

When are you all going to grow up and vote libertarian....Both parties are two wings of the same bird-both out to line their pockets. And what is the big deal with Bill's politics? As far as I'm concerned, if BuffTom puts out another disc like the last one, that makes me turn my radio on, I'll be happy. I'm grounded in my beliefs.

Bill, I will never forget the show at the Boathouse in Norfolk when you guys opened up for Lemonheads. Started out with Treehouse, everybody jumping in unison. AWESOME! My friend and I were talking about it today. Hope you come to Hampton Roads on your next tour.