Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Loved You, Well Never Mind/I've Been Crying All the Time

Rest in Peace, Alex Chilton, a true artist and hero.

Thirteen, Bill, Kay, Mike.

A note from Kay.


Sumisu said...

any thoughts as to why so many bands cover this particular song? I have a bunch: from Wilco to Garbage to Elliott Smith to the Counting Crows... and on and on.

Something about this song reverberates with folks.

I know that I "never travel far without a little Big Star"

Whirling House said...

Rest in peace, Alex.

You know the quote about how anyone who heard the Velvet Underground went on to start their own band? Definitely seems to be true about Big Star if not even moreso over the past decade.

And I think that the Pitchfork indie industry (for whatever that's worth) wouldn't exist without the Sister Lovers record...not sure if that's a good thing. Pretty much invented indie rock.

I can't recommend the "Keep an Eye on the Sky" box set highly enough. And his solo record "High Priest" was the first Chilton I ever heard. For me, it is the best representation of his humor (Take It Off), quirkiness (Dalai Lama, Volare) and the simple belief that music should be enjoyed/enjoyable (Nobody's Fool, Let Me Get Close to You).

Anonymous said...

Wow. "Thirteen"--what a song. Thank you for the care and precision of this cover. It took me right back to junior high and all the beautiful and necessary heartbreak. (PS, since this is the first COTW I put on my iPod, I felt I needed to buy a t-shirt to contribute...but I couldn't because the link is broken. I tried.)

Randy Reichardt said...

.: This CoTW has supplanted #6 In A Misty Morning as my favorite. Lovely tune, Kay's vocals give me goosebumps.