Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Thanks to everyone for their feedback. I have gotten some good requests, many of which I already had on my short list. So look for future versions of, among other things, Slip Slidin' Away (I have played this out at least once), Dreaming (BT has been doing this since 1987), He's Gone (oh no, the Grateful Dead!), and some others. I will look back.

The deal is not an auction for top bidder. You are an honest enough bunch that I will trust you to make a donation to a charity. I am leaning towards the Foundation to be Named Later, since I am already affiliated with it a bit and since they do such fine work. I will try to do it by next week, so that those of you who need one can have a tax deduction!


Kevin said...

My vote/request/bribe is for "Lord protect my child"
Dylan version

Here's a version by Susan Tedeschi too:

Susan Tedeschi version

Also, since I spent half a day on Red Kelly's site becuase of you, how about something from there, such as:


rich L. said...

Great to see your gonna do "He's Gone" Bill. It'll make 2 primates happy. Ever get to the the Dead live?

Ever think about doing a Cold Water Flat cover..."Beautiful" perhaps.

rich's brother said said... about Bob Dylan's "Jokerman" or "Queen Jane Approximately"??

Also....I think I recall years back you saying you had done a cover of "You Win Again". I think its traditional, but I always loved the Garcia version from Europe '72. That'd be pretty hip......

Randy Reichardt said...

Bill: I went to the Foundation to be Named Later site, but couldn't find a section on the site to donate. Is that because we are expected to donate to one of the charities the Foundation is supporting instead? - Randy

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill, I will donate when I can figure it out, but i was thinking of a good song for my request..I came up with an old boston band..V "1926" Tom Johnston and I have always respected it ...I believe you could do it justice...hope you are well... Thanks...Helen