Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekly Gigs Resume

Bill Janovitz and Friends (Best Friends include Phil Aiken, Matt Tahaney, and Billy Beard), which was so much fun at Toad in June/July (seems like only yesterday....summer's gone, a summer song....who wrote that brilliant couplet again? Dylan? Longfellow? P Diddy?) will be picking up where we left off. We are doing Thursday Sept. 4 and Sept. 18 at Toad and then moving the whole carnival down the street to the Lizard Lounge for Thursdays in October. No more free lunch, I guess, and, unfortunately, no more asking Matt to move his bass neck whilst he's in the raptured throes of a Bill Withers tune so you can get by to use the toilet. I mean, you still can, but it might be a bit of a distracting detour for all involved.

To get you freakin' STOKED for these shows, here is one of the more originals we promise to pull out of storage, a song called "Look After Me" (scroll down for posts regarding audience recordings of past Toad shows):


kate said...

which album is "look after me" on??? i have to track it down... loved listening. perfect for the early hours here in cold melbourne... cheers, k.

Paul Janovitz said...

Just a little vomit lost at Metacomet!!

Earthdog70 said...

Listening to the Lizard Lounge Jano Bros Xmas show now. Please say there will be a Brothers Janovitz show this holiday season. I will be coming from DC just for this!