Saturday, June 11, 2011

CoTW 105 -- Heart Full of Stone

Don't have much to write today. I am written out. But I recorded this version of my favorite Yardbirds song for your consideration.

As mentioned in nostalgic reveries here in the past, we had five or six record stores in town growing up as kids. I got this great 10-inch at One Way Records. It was next to a diner/lunch counter called Tom Vos Snacks. The Pop Shop was in the rear of the same building (I think), a sort of beverage wholesaler. Later on, Ed. M., the school bully was shot to death in an apartment above it.

Heart Full of Stone mp3


Randy Reichardt said...

WOW. This is brilliant, Bill. My favorite YB song of all time, and this version kills. Are you playing all the instruments?

Thanks again, as always.

Todd said...

Not sure how "Soul" became "Stone," but this is my favorite of the covers so far.

anni said...

It is one of my favorite song i heard ever..I enjoy the music very much..
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