Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cover of the Whenever 101

I have been a fan of Mark Kozelek since his Red House Painters records on 4AD, which was the sister label of our home label, Beggars Banquet. But it was songs of the Sun Kil Moon project that really drew me in. I honestly wasn't paying much attention, just as I wasn't to the Mescaleros, when my friend, Billy, put a couple of sample songs on a year-end mix CD he gave to friends. I was taken by both selections, making me frustrated that I can't even keep up on all the great music from artists I already dig, never mind new ones. I need to meditate more.

I had no idea who Glenn Tipton or K.K. Downing were when I heard this. I was never a Judas Priest fan. Tom Maginnis was, as a kid. I recall posters in his parents' basement when we went over to watch him play in his pre-BT band in college. That may be a false memory, though; those Priest posters were standard issue for many suburban homes in the '70s/'80s.

But this is what Mark is great at, enigmatic songs that draw you in and want to listen more closely. I always say that music and melody are the first pull for me as a listener. Lyrics come secondarily, but they will seal the deal, making or breaking the song for me. One bad lyric and I may not even return to the band/artist (depending on just how poor it is). I say this as an artist who has certainly not risen to every occasion with lyrics. Hopefully people give me/us a chance beyond first listen. But, as noted above, there is just so much stuff out there that it takes effort to keep listening, reading, viewing.

The original of this song is lovely. Seek it out if you don't already know it. Mark's voice is a high, smooth tenor. Mine is especially worn down after a Buff Tom practice for this upcoming tour. Hope to see you on the road. By the way, speaking of cover, Mark is one of the finest interpreters of other artists' music. He has done whole records of others' songs, like those of Modest Mouse. He deconstructs and rebuilds songs much in the imaginative way Chan Marshall/Cat Power. He is also an actor, playing a role as a band member in Almost Famous.

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Glenn Tipton mp3


Earthdog70 said...

Judas Priest are doing their farewell tour this year. You owe it to yourself to see Halford ride out on stage on a motorcycle just once!

stewrat said...

Congrats on the new disc. I bought the deluxe version at Newbury Comics/Faneuil Hall today. Love the demos also. Hope to see you in Paradis

Joe said...

As a long time fan of Buffalo Tom and RHP/SKM, this was a real treat. Just discovered your blog - good stuff!

Wanted to say thank you for making music. Buffalo Tom has meant alot to me over the years.

Just got my ticket for the Philly show on April 29. Can't wait.