Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cover of the Whenever 99.5 -- Today I Started Loving You Again

Nothing like coming home after dinner and a few drinks with friends to make you want to listen to some classic country. I was about to post some Merle Haggard YouTube clips, but since everything was already set up from the day's earlier cover session, I figured I would sing some Merle my own damn self.

I sing this song with Session Americana from time to time. The way they sing the backing vocals make me get the goose pimples.

CoTW 99.5. I had actually forgotten I did a live YouTube version of this earlier, at CoTW 75/76. I thought for sure I had recorded it before, but didn't see it on the list to the right. This is a better version anyway.

Today I Started Loving You Again mp3


Joe Carreiro said...

This is incredible; Read much, but never realized until I took a listen to this how great a song writer Merle is. This has launched for me a research assignment on ITunes for nuggets - any suggestions.

Joe Carreiro said...

this is incredible; never realized how incredible Merle is as a song writer; This has inspired me to do a little Itunes research and find some nuggets - Any suggestions