Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CoTW 97, 98

Just unearthed, these Husker Du songs with Grant Hart playing and singing with Buffalo Tom in Chicago in December 2000. Grant supported us solo on a couple of shows in the Midwest during a mini tour promoting our A-Sides collection. Also notable in his support was Howie Day, who went on to reach the heights of rock stardom, thus joining a long line of openers for Bt who received our midas touch and went on to leave us in their dust: Hole; Pearl Jam; Goo Goo Dolls; Jewel...

It was a thrill for us to play with Grant, Husker Du being directly influential to us when we started, as outlined a bit in this blog (particularly here). By the way, I have been wading into the four or five boxes in my attic that constitue the Janovitz Branch of the Buff Tom Archive and I stumbled across that article where Grant picks the first BT LP as "Album of the Decade." I am still riding the high of that one 22 years later. I will scan it and insert it here when I find it. I have posted a bunch of scans over at the BT Facebook page. Then I have to let go of the nostalgia for a bit and BT gets ready to release our 8th LP.

I've always loved Grant's songs. Here are a couple of my faves.

Pink Turns to Blue

Never Talking to You Again


John said...

Hmmm...maybe BT would consider hooking up with Grant as an opener or co-headliner if you tour for the new record. He's currently do a few short dates with The Venables backing him (in conjunction with the reissue of Nova Mob's Last Days of Pompeii). That would be an awesome bill!!!

Whirling House said...

Very nice - got to love the Grant Hart. I bet you would do a great acoustic cover of 2541 :)

Earthdog70 said...

John-great idea. Buffalo Tom plays first. Then Grant starts out solo, then BT comes back to back him up on Husker classics-it could work.

Bill-saw Grant in DC for the first time last night. Great set and super nice guy!