Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cover of the Week 85

This song has been part of the repertoire for quite some time. Buffalo T has played it once or twice, but it was a staple at the Toad and Lizard Lounge residencies with Billy, Billy, Matt, and Philly (Crown Victoria II). For those shows, it just felt right, playing it to what had been a packed house but was a sparse bar by closing time.

And it is an autumnal song. It is almost THE autumnal song. Certainly, it was one of the most important songs in my musical upbringing. Why cover it now, just as summer is getting into full swing? Well, it is winter in the southern hemisphere, the World Cup just finished up and so those down under are settling in for a long winter's nap, and, well, I just haven't gotten around to it until now.

Well, that, and I am leaving in the morning for Chicago, a town I will always identify with, among other things and people, Nick Digilio, a talk show host on WGN, long-time BT supporter, a friend, and a collaborator. I worked with Nick on a play of his, providing a musical score. I think it was fall when I was in Chicago for that. What was the name of the play? Why, "Here Comes a Regular." It seems that song struck deep into our generation.

So maybe I will cover it if you come on down to Schuba's Friday night. I will be all sunburned from my first outing to Wrigley, a pilgrimage that I have been unable to make until now.

And I drink a great big whiskey to you anyway, Cubs fans.

Here Comes a Regular mp3

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For my score of the play, "Here Comes a Regular," click here.


Ed in CT said...

Enjoy the Olde Styles!!

Randy Reichardt said...

.: Lovely cover, Bill, thanks again. I like the simplicity of this one, just voice and guitar. I think I've noted elsewhere that I didn't really discover The Replacements until 1990 or so, and saw their 2nd-last show in Vancouver in 1991, I believe. But I've been a fan ever since, and like a lot of Westerberg's solo stuff too. Even though I didn't know The 'Mats until after their time, when I listen to their music, it takes me back to the early 70s, growing up in Winnipeg. I don't know why, but sometimes listening to them leaves me very emotional (almost sad), and you definitely tapped that tonight with this CoTW. Thanks for that.

Thanks also for highlighting for highlighting the stuff at your mp3 store, reminding me of more tunes to add to the vault.

Good luck with the show in Chicago. I'm reminding a friend there to try to get to your show after he finishes playing his own earlier in the evening.

Anonymous said...

Great version of a great song....nice of you to get back to great music and keep the politics out of it.

Paul Daddario said...

For me, the Replacements are a huge influence. To hear you, another huge influence, to do your versions of a Westerberg song is, to use an 80's analogy, like hearing REM do a cover of U2, or the Pixies do a Jesus and Mary Chain cover. Just to let you know that I hold you, and many others I'm sure consider you as well, to be certainly on par and a more than worthy peer of Westerberg.

Whats great about this cover is that you succeed at The Mats own game, you took a song that is wistful and soulful and heartfelt and some how (forgive the Emeril reference) kick it up a notch, turn it up to the figurative "11." Great musicianship, and the wisdom and experience put into this cover is evident.

Like Randy pointed out, sadness is evident in the Replacements music. Its the type of sarcastic, unlucky, all knowing wistful "lets commiserate" sadness that comes to a drunk on a barstool who just had a moment of clarity about how shitty life has gone. The specific references in this song point to the bigger picture. Same with the brilliant song "skyway" or "answering machine." A friend once commented that no-one does "damaged woman" songs better that Westerberg, perhaps "damaged life" songs is a better description.

This song is right up your alley, as no one, imho, does better late summer early fall songs of wistful time passing better than you.

kurt said...

Another 'Mats fan checking in. My musical compass. Crap, now I want to come down to Schuba's. I wonder if I can talk the wife into driving down from Madison.

Randy Reichardt said...

.: Bill, I need to echo Paul's comment here, and say I agree with him when he says he holds you on par with Westerberg and considers you to be a worthy peer. Thanks for stating this so eloquently, Paul.

I don't know if you were a Replacements fan throughout the 80s, which I was not, as mentioned earlier. I discovered them at the same time I did Buffalo Tom, so had the good fortune to listen to both bands' catalogues throughout the 90s and beyond.

Pete M said...

There just isn't a suitable superlative to describe that 5:08. Please come back to the UK soon!

rich L. said...

Speeking of autumn, one ponders where our fearless leader, Barry H. Obama, will take his 8th or perhaps 9th vacation in that great season. As we know, he is currently taking his 7th now in Maine. I guess redistributing people's wealth is exhusting. Godspeed to him I say!

rich L. said...

K..yeah..I need a dictionary or spell check or something.

Anonymous said...

Rich, you're act as an uninformed idiot has long grown thin. Please take it somewhere else. I don' think ANYONe who reads this blog likes or is interested in hearing your idiotic, borderline retarded comments.

Btw, your hero, W's vacation time broke the record previously held by Reagan. Not counting Camp David, W was at the ranch clearing brush 879 days.

rich L. said...

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One term Barry I like to call him.

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Marty said...

I remember you telling that story at the BT show in Somerville....

As a huge mats fan it made my night..

Talking to your friend M.O. after the show he asked about it..

And then a few years later I saw him at a Paul show in LA......