Friday, June 25, 2010

Cover of the Week 84

Thanks to all of you for your kind words regarding the Cover of the Week project in the most recent previous post. But its demise might have been exaggerated -- by me. I was tired and pissed off about some recording equipment killing itself. What kind of company provides you a software update that purposefully and literally makes obsolete the hardware it is supposed to run? Digidesign, that is who. They want to make you go buy some new piece. Which is what I did, though I bought it used, so, perhaps that is some small come-comeuppance. It at least took some of the financial sting for me, though I did have to go spend dough I had no intention of spending.

Well, I upgraded begrudgingly so now everything is up and running again. I still do not expect to keep up the weekly pace I was very good about keeping over a year and a half. Finding the energy and time is a challenge lately. So, maybe not the Cover of the Week. But I will still call it CoTW -- Cover of the Whatever.

Breaking in the new (used) piece, I wanted to quickly cobble together a song acknowledging the passing of Pete Quaife, the Kink's bassist during their early heyday. Perhaps one of his most famous bass lines is the descending intro line on one of pop music's most beautiful songs, "Waterloo Sunset." In a lovely appreciation of Pete, Geoff Edgers, auteur of the recent film, Do it Again, about being a Kinks fan, calls it, "the most important bass line of my life." On his Facebook page, Geoff also provides links to other tributes, including one from Dave Davies. Geoff has been known to jump up and sing "Waterloo Sunset" with the Crown Vic/BillyBillyMattAndPhilly residencies at Toad.

Yeah, I know. Who needs yet another cover of "Waterloo Sunset," right? I don't care; it is one of my favorite songs of all time. That descending Em chord will hitcha ev'ry time. So this one is for Pete, for all my old buddies that I used to cruise around Huntington Bay with in little Boston Whaler boats, listening to the Kinks -- the Dannys, Stu, Trevor, Jeff, Dennis, Larry, Chris, Dave et. al.-- and it is for my brothers, with whom I played it that very nice Christmas Jano Brothers show a few years back.

Waterloo Sunset mp3


Mike H. said...

Kuddos and thanks for being as consistent as you were with CoTW with so many irons in the fire. Can't wait to hear the new record. said...
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BobCT said...

Great job, really enjoyed your Waterloo Sunset.

Randy Reichardt said...

.: Thanks for introducing me to yet another song with which I was not familiar. That said, I'm wondering if I am familiar with it. I was a kid in the early 60s, and loved all the Kinks' music that was on Top 40 radio at that time. I'll have to investigate further.

Cover of the Whatever works for me.

I am worried about you, however. This is CoTW 84, not 83. Look at your blog - 83 was the CoTW in honour of Dennis Hopper, "In Dreams." Even more disconcerting, you called that one the "Over of The Week"! (Unless you did that intentionally- LOL!)

Everything ok? :-)

Take care - Randy

RJ said...

nice job with a gem of a song!

Nigel said...

I feel your "I upgraded and now nothing works" pain.
If there won't be any covers for a while, I'm glad it was the Kinks. By the way, have you heard the Pretenders play Waterloo Sunset at the Kinks' UK Music Hall of Fame induction? Sublime.
For what it's worth, you seem to do a good job of balancing being an artist and a grown-up. It's tough.

Eddie Fields said...

Oddly enough, it was Danny Nolan that introduced me to this song. Great version, Bill! I'll keep it on deck for the Nag's Head.