Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cover of the Week 83

Dennis Hopper had been known to many of us before Blue Velvet. However, I don't think it was until some time after seeing that movie that I drew the line to Apocalypse Now, Easy Rider, and then on back to Rebel Without A Cause. But Blue Velvet was life changing for me. It was just one of those new fresh pieces of art that you soak in when your in your early 20s. I thought (at the time -- still do) David Lynch was a revolutionary. His movies affected my lyric writing and the Buff Tom point of view on many things, including the underbelly of growing up in mid-century suburban America. I count meeting him on Big Red Letter Day (recounted here) as one of the fondest memories of our recording career.

Hopper's character in BV is genius, of course, but his acting and the possession of the part is chilling, I think. One of the scariest characters in film.

I have wanted to tackle one of those big old Roy Orbison songs for CoTW for a while. They are just so much fun -- if challenging -- to sing. So here is my opening. A candy-colored clown they call the Sandman. Rest in peace, Mr. Hopper and Mr. Orbison.

In Dreams mp3


Nigel said...

Nice one. Does Gary Coleman get a cover?

Randy Reichardt said...

.: Very nice tune, Bill, and it *really* sounds a lot like Orbison. Love the soft guitar strumming and the vocal harmony.

I agree with you about Lynch, although I have to admit, Inland Empire was WAY over my head. Have you seen it? Tough film to process, but fascinating to watch.

Hopper terrified me in Blue Velvet. Sucking on that gas mask for his nitrous oxide high was so bizarre. The scene that really numbed me was when he sees Kyle MacLachlan outside of Isabella Rossellini's apartment and says, "Who is this fuck?"

The weird association I have with BV is while watching it in the theatre, I busted a tooth eating popcorn.

Jo Ve said...

Let's f------ck! I'll f-ck anything that mooooves...ha ha.