Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cover of the Week 75 & 76

Yeah, been remiss, wid da cuvah da week. Buff Tom and real estate (and I believe I still have a family) been keeping me busy. So, I make it up with a two-fer (as they say in the south -- here they say "too-fuh"). And, in the great annals of famous duos -- Simon and Garfunkel, Penn and Teller, Shaver (father and son), Sigfried and Roy -- my son, Will, joins me as "The Wolverine." I hope he does not remind you too much of Rudy Guliani's son, or for that matter, any Yankee's "fans." I just realized he is cut out of the embedded video. Click it to see widescreen

I promise to get back to the "hi fi," studio, non-video versions of the CoTW as soon as BT record done and day job real estate high season passes. Who cares?

Yeah, I love Merle Haggard. That's the first song. I love spring. And I love past youth, I wrote this song about spring in the spring of my youthful spring, when I was young. In spring. So I wrote "Sundress" with Buff Tom. That's second.

Click to see wide screen:

Rudy's kid:


Randy Reichardt said...

.: Just a quick note to say thanks. Just watched the video with the two tunes. Sundress is a nice uplifting tune and today is the first really warm day here in Edmonton (13C and sunny!) so its CoTW offering is perfectly timed. Nice work on the Haggard song. I enjoyed your comment to Wee Will about "unmasking himself", thus revealing his secret identity.

It's a privilege to be on the receiving end of the videos and songs that feature your children - thanks for giving us a glimpse into that important part of your life. BTW, the sunglasses adds a mystique to your performing persona which I love.

Have a great weekend.

Kouzie said...

Chris Farley as Guiliani's kid on SNL several years ago was one of the funniest things he ever did. I can't find a full clip of if, but you can get an idea of it starting at the 1:53 mark of this clip:

Oh yeah, absolutely love the songs Bill!

Mike H. said...

Left or Right Bill?

Perhaps our offspring will continue on in the tradition of Lincoln/Douglas.... Lincoln being a Republican and Spy Ponder of course.

Anonymous said...

great. what about a Eddie Cochran cover ? that would be cool. think your voice would suit that well

johny said...

Thanks Bill for that great Hag cover.Sundress was also very good.
Can't wait to hear your next one.

Anonymous said...
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