Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cover of the Week 68

No big essay/diatribe/rant this week. I've been mostly in negativeland and do not wish to sew bad vibes. I do enough of that. And anyway, I wrote a bit about the author of this week's cover, Jesse Winchester, back in this post.

Buy the damn record for chrissakes.

I also have a great version he did on a Live From Mountain Stage record.

Here is all I have to say about this song in particular: I think every married guy I know feels like this. I guess I know of no one currently stuck in an unhappy marriage. The first time I felt like this, I was 20. I married her. I didn't mess around trying to find other options.

Seriously -- the best choice I have ever made. Everyone who knows me will surely attest to the veracity. And it was pure luck.

Bless Your Foolish Heart mp3


Corin said...

Oh man, that's beautiful. Nice one, Bill.

Paul Daddario said...

A nice bit of positive energy, great performance.

bwaldron said...

Very nice, Bill.

And yeah, this married guy can definitely relate to the sentiments.

Lisa said...

I married a guy who feels that way -- but, I feel the same...I'm just as foolish and he's totally worthy.

Whirling House said...

Thanks for promoting Jesse Winchester, marrying young, and staying foolish.

phillhunt said...

Thanks Bill, that's beautiful

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