Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cover of the Week 55

This song was going through my head every time I opened a box, cabinet, or drawer in my uncle's place (story here and here, for those of you who are interested). But it was certainly most present when I went through the artifacts from his days in the navy, and the items he had saved that were my grandfather's, from his own days in the army during World War II.

It gives me an excuse to cover Tom Waits a third time, taking the lead, I believe, from the Stones. Dylan and Elvis C. are bound to start getting multiples as well.

Thank you, everyone who wrote in with their support.

A Soldier's Things mp3


peter said...

Pretty cool Bill, but more cool would be a new BT album... or am I getting old too? I miss the good old days seeing BT in the Melkweg/Paradiso in Amsterdam, if you remember. Hmm... I guess I am getting old...

Bill Janovitz said...

Hey Peter,

We are working on one now. But at this pace, it's like Chinese Democracy II.

Paul Daddario said...

love the tom waits songs, all of them. They have an "out of time" emotional quality to them. My wishes for a peaceful family holiday after all the stuff you have been through.

Funny, -Chinese Democracy II; but seriously, Izzy Stradlin wrote all the good songs, no Izzy, and, unfortunately, no more Sweet child o Mine;

Randy Reichardt said...

.: Through your CotW's, you have introduced me to a lot of music of which I was not previously familiar, including these various Waits tunes. It's been a great musical education, Bill, thank you.

Hey Peter, we are all waiting for the new Buff T album. I figure the longer we wait, the sweeter it's going to sound.

Bill, just wondering if u received my email about the EOMS book?

Peace - Randy

Bill Janovitz said...

Randy, your email never got to me.

rich L. said...

Bill...sorry to hear about your uncle; he sounded like he was a good man.

Interesting you'd do a cover of song having to do with soldier's, what with the contreversy currently going on with President Obama not making a decision for 90 days about Afghanastan. Seems a shame to let the soldiers and the country down in such a seemingly harsh and calculating manor. Always sad to me when politicians play games with people's lives as Obama is clearly doing.

Unfortunately it would seem that the war there doesn't fit into his "presidential plan". Nor did the recent terrorist attack at Fort Hood, I guess that's why he figured he's mention it after being 2 minutes into his speech that day...he was to busy giving "shout outs."

Anyway, at least we all now know that global warming is a myth (as if anyone actually believed in that scam anyway).

j said...


Anonymous said...

rich L, why don't you keep this blog comment section free of right wing bullshit rhetoric.
you are clearly wrong on each and every point. The only thing you didn't bash was same sex marriage and health care reform.

i'm not the blog police but I figure we should keep it musical and relevant.

Anonymous said...

rich l, jesus, can't you leave it alone? the blog post is about a murder in his family. god, you just can't leave well enough alone. you are such a complete ass.

Randy Reichardt said...

.: Hi Bill. I sent the email to your gmail account on 08 Nov from my "" email address. Maybe it went into the Spam directory?

I'll resend it, it was in regards to grabbing a signed copy of the Exile book when I'm in Boston in a few days (via Paul).

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Kind regards,

Bill Janovitz said...

Hi Randy -- I can get one to Paul tomorrow. Canadians don't celebrate tomorrow, I know. So thanks!


rich L. said...

Sorry Anon, just saying what needs to be said. I had to listen to Bill and co. tear apart President Bush for 7 or 8 years. Bill's a man, he can take it. But more important than that, is that something must be said at every opportunity to speak the truth of how Obama is 'fundamentally trying to change America."

There can be no doubt that he has a vision for this country that is far different than any president before him. Besides, I'm guessing at this poit that Bill, as a card carrying member of the ACLU, has to be disgusted by the rights that are being taken away from American's on a daily basis by this socialist.