Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Show Tonight

I am playing a regular-length solo set at the Brattle Theater tonight supporting Session Americana. Then I will play a handful of songs with that fabulous band as well, all in a beautiful room for listening to acoustic music, and now with the benefit of beer/wine. Plus, it is early enough for you to get to bed at a reasonable time. I will be debuting some new songs as well as play a couple of the covers from my Cover of the Week project. Many tickets were still available as of last night. If you have never been to a SA show, you've been missing one of Boston's great musical experiences.

Session Americana w/Bill Janovitz


The Money Man said...


Count me as in!

Mark said...

Bill, with regard to your tweet about the Aretha show the other night, check out this singer, Chrisette Michele, obviously influenced by Ms. Franklin. Just happened to click by her video on tv and really liked her voice, I found this on you tube.

Bill Janovitz said...

Mark -- weird you sent that. I was down in Miami a few days ago and scanning the radio and rarely do I stop on mainstream top 40, but I heard the voice and gospel chords and Shazamed it on my iphone and found out it was her. What a great voice. She sounds like Fantasia from American Idol, i.e. very "church"