Monday, October 26, 2009

Cover of the Week 51

Sorry to lame out with another old recording. When I say it has been a rough week, you will have to trust me; I have had no worse and would not wish this one on my worst enemy. Plus it was sandwiched between (2) gigs that needed a bit of preparation (as opposed to the usual paint-by-numbers shows with which I am associated). So, I give you another glimpse at the Exile show we are doing tomorrow night. I think the version of this song will be slightly better tomorrow night. But if anyone is going to be ill-prepared, I am placing bets on the singer/guitarist/author.

By the way, here are some details:

From the House of Blues: Doors are at 6:30, with menu available for fine dining Set: 8:30 sharp. Reservations for the dining room - call concierge Nikki at 617-960-8376

Sweet Virginia mp3


Jeff from NH said...

Sorry to hear about the rough week. Maybe wishing it on the Yankees might help. :-)

Really looking forward to "Exile on Lansdowne St." tonight. If you bring shirts, I'll need a Large.

Jon said...


Only good advice my grandfather ever gave me was, "If you have a really crappy day, at least tomorrow will be better." I was six. He wasn't a warm man.

So, take what you can from that bit of wisdom from the man who loved his Balentine Ale bottle cap rebus puzzles under the single light bulb in the cellar.

Sorry to miss your show tonight. My wife doesn't get the Stones. (I swear I have some luck picking people close to me.) Babysitter called to cancel because she is "sick." So the Mrs.'s conversion will have to come on another occasion.

Any chance you can do a show at 9 am on a Saturday sometime? (Do a cover of Piano Man..."It's 9 AM on a Saturday") Then I'd just bring the 4 year old. She already knows "Dreaming" and "Treehouse."

I don't know which might be tougher - growing older as a rocker or growing older as a fan.

How I wish it were 1993 again and could see BT at five or six colleges in April/May...someday I'll be old enough again to stay out on a school night.

Bittersweetly sad to see week 52 coming soon. But anxiously wondering what song 52 will be. I'm thinking it'll be "Yesterday," which seems fitting for the year ender.

As, always, love your work. Thank you for sharing your passion. Better days ahead.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite to last night's show - it was excellent! What a great room. I thought about joinong until I saw the annual fee was about $2K!!!! Thanks again, stewart

Whirling House said...

Sorry that you've had a rough week.

dick said...

great songs and i love my new t-shirt. thank's bill

Randy Reichardt said...

.: I wouldn't consider this a "lame out" - you are allowed to take a week off now and then from this project. But thanks for this one, even if it's an old recording. :-)

Richard said...

Not many artists can nail such a classic Stones track but Jano is without doubt one of those who can!!! What a Beauty Bill Thanks a bunch...