Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Requests for CoTW

Hey, let's get some requests posted in comments below. Remember the deal, a covered request gets you to contribute to a charity of your choice.


Ken said...

How about "Sweet Virginia" in honor of your upcoming Exile show?

Derek Peplau said...

How about something from the Wedding Present back-catalog? 'My Favourite Dress', 'Dare', 'No' are a couple ideas.

monojack1 said...

a story Bill... I have long played around with the idea of an off and on cover band doing the best of Boston music.. no limitations, except they are somehow connected to the city's historical music scene. fredddy cannon to gang green, cavedogs to barry and the remains. Only the best songs, of course. the list is endless.... feel free. I would be fascinated to hear what you choose...

all the best...

Aaron said...

September Gurls/Big Star.


Aaron M. Blatt

Anonymous said...

Little Billy by The Who.


Anonymous said...

Hold off on doing this closer to the season, but I would love to hear your take on "Winter" by the Rolling Stones.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, just found out that you already did that one. "My bad."....how 'bout "Waiting On A Friend" instead?

Bruce Sabian said...

How about something by The Kinks? You haven't done them yet.

Misfits maybe?

Eddie Fields said...


Isolation - John Lennon
King of the Underground - Cold Water Flat
Kitchen Door (or another of Chris' songs) - Buffalo Tom
Cry Baby Cry - Beatles
Sleep Tonight - Stones

Timothy said...

Cavedogs seems like a very strong suggestion to me- 'Tayter Country' would be exciting. Also, maybe 'Planet Strange' by Titanic Love Affair? Revisited this in the unfortunate aftermath of Jay Bennet's death and thought it help up well. Another would be any number of great songs from the one and only Bash And Pop record, which is the best Rod Stewart solo record which he got to...um...Rod to make. 'Friday Night Is Killing Me' or 'Tiny Pieces'...

Max said...

Non-cover: "Coming Down With Something." Lyrically it's one of my favs. Frankly, it deserves a better recording than the "Safe and Sound" version.

Cover: "My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You" by Ray Price.

whindebag said...

"don't think twice, it's alright"
by mr. zimm.

Kevin said...

I actually vote against more Stones in the interest of spreading the love.
I'd love to hear "I hope I don't fall in love with you" by Waits or a Lemonheads song you really dig. Or the Smiths?

Ken said...

How about a Boston thing? I always thought O Positive were totally underrated, what about a killer version of "Up, Up, Up"? I can hear you doing a great version of that one.

Randy Reichardt said...

Thanks for the opportunity to request tunes, Bill.

Buff T: I would still like you to cover For All To See, a slower acoustic version would be brilliant.

Among the previous suggestions, I love the idea of a Kinks cover - Tired of Waiting For You comes to mind. The Bash & Pop suggestion is a good one - Friday Night Is Killing Me is a great tune.

Other ideas:

Gallagher & Lyle: They released a brilliant album in the early 70s called Seeds. The song "Remember Then" from that album is an all-time fave, and one that I actually used to perform in concert myself, when I was a member of The Invisible Jug Band back in the early 90s. I'd love to hear your reading of this tune.

David Baerwald - anything off his first solo album, but specifically Good Times or In The Morning

Replacements: Nobody

Shawn Colvin: Steady On (and many others)

Elton John: something from Tumbleweed Connection

Go-Betweens: Streets of Your Town

Dave Clark Five: any of the early great hits.

Thanks Bill. - Randy

Paul Daddario said...

"Tayter country" is a great suggestion. Great album. Personally, a smiths song would be cool, or new order, here are three suggestions, any of which would be great...

"please please please let me get what I want"

"bizarre love triangle"

"love vigilantes"

All these have beautiful melodies, and are up for interpretation.

Pick one of these, i'm feeling philanthropic.

Jake P said...

Elvis Costello - Olivers Army or Creedance Clearwater Revival - I Put A Spell On You

T. Carter said...

At the risk of jinxing something -- and since it needs to be played at Fenway again (and soon!) -- how about "Dirty Water"?

dako243 said...

'Forget' by Mission of Burma. Or a slow, stripped-down 'Academy Fight Song'.

TomW said...

- Not sure how this would translate acoustically but Kevin Salem's "Will" is a fave of mine.
- To piggyback on Derek's Wedding Present suggestion: "Kennedy."
- Something from Holbrook, Mass., native/fellow UMass alum Joe Pernice would be swell. "Bum Leg" or "Crestfallen" or "Monkey Suit." Also "Hundred Dollar Pocket" or "In a Ditch" from his Scud Mountain Boys days.

Mike H. said...

We May Be the Ones - Westerberg

Kevin is right. Well Kevin is always right. Love the stones but....

I second the Lemonheads suggestion - Hannah and Gabi, Favorite T, Half the Time?

Nobody is also a great sugguestion in IMGPO

Will said...

The Smiths - "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out"


Sam Cooke - "A Change is Gonna Come"

Anonymous said...

how about john lennon's jealous guy? i bet you could do a great job with that one.

gmcclure said...

Faces - Glad and Sorry
Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back again
James Taylor - Mexico

Mike said...

spanish stroll by mink deville. rip willy.

Bill Janovitz said...

Getting some good ones here. Thanks all. Please note, I would like to try some different artists. Please note the links on the right of the main page with all the previous CoTW. Among those I have covered already (some twice): Tom Waits; Stones; Kinks; Replacements; Big Star & Chris Bell; Beatles; Costello; CCR.

keith said...

I'd be down for something contemporary - maybe LCD Soundsytem's "All My Friends"?

Ken said...

Good idea, Kevin. I would like to officially rescind my "Sweet Virginia" request and replace it with "Mallo Cup."

JohnnyHank said...

So many good ideas already! I'd second (or third) Bash & Pop and add...

Box Tops "Soul Deep"

Mike Nesmith "Joanne" or "Some of Shelly's Blues"

Zombies "You Make Me Feel Good"

Don McLean "Winterwood"

I think it'd be fun to hear you do Prince. "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man" or "When You Were Mine" or sumthin'.

A favorite of mine to play acoustic is Ozzy's "Crazy Train." Just sayin'.

Love love love reading and listening to your blog. Thanks so much for sharing thoughts, stories, and music!

John said...

"Catch Me Now I'm Falling" or "20th Century Man" by The Kinks.

will said...

Beck - Lost Cause
ELO - Telephone Line
Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine
Phil Ochs (by way of Squirrel Bait) - Tape to California

I also think you should update old BT songs and make them more current. "Frenemy" would be a good place to start.

Bill said...

"God Damn Lonely Love" by Drive-By Truckers

A duet (your choice) with Tanya Donelly

kurt said...

Ballad of Lobster Boy by John Strohm. It has the Boston connection and I'm pretty sure 5 people know it. From his Vestavia record.

Mike H. said...

I know you love the song.

"Hey Ya" - Outkast

Supplies needed:

Gin and Tonic
Philly on keys
Clapping section oiled on Gin and Tonic.

JonnytheFox68 said...

Bill, ever heard any Alela Diane you could rock up any of her great new folky sounds from Portland Oregon to boston.....alternatively any Ben Diely lemonheads era stuff or even his new stuff (he playing down my way next week should be a good gig.)

bubba said...

Dream Syndicate "Days of wine and roses", or why not "Boston"?
Gotta love Steve Wynn...

JohnnyHank said...

Spending too much time today thinking of great songs and not enough time working, but...

Robyn Hitchcock's "Linctus House"

Neko Case "Twist the Knife"

Lee Moses "Time and Place"


Ryan said...

Just some random suggestions...

Teenage Fanclub - "Ain't That Enough" or "I Don't Want Control of You"
Kinks - "Days" or "Waterloo Sunset"
Dolly Parton - "Jolene"
The Gaslight Anthem - "'59 Sound"
Spoon - "The Underdog", "Black Like Me" or "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb"
The Avett Brothers - "Shame"
Wilco - "Misunderstood" or "Sunken Treasure"

Ciaran said...

Hey Bill,
I know you have already done a Husker Du but how about Bob Moulds "Compositions for the young and Old"
or something else from Will Oldham like"I am a Cinematographer"
You have not covered Galaxie 500 so how about "Hearing Voices"
Go Betweens "The Devils Eye"
Golden Smog "Jennifer Save Me"
Jayhawks "Martins Song"
Marah "My Heart is the Bums on the Street"
Neutral Milk Hotel "King of Carrot Flowers part 1"
Uncle Tupelo "New Madrid"
ok i'll stop now! (by the way your blog inspired me to buy the Big Star box set, gonna give it a listen now

yonkiman said...

Please cover your favorite Aimee Mann song (whichever it is - they're all brilliant).

Anonymous said...

Agree with Derek Peplau about a Wedding Present cover...how about 'Dalliance' or 'Suck'? Btw saw you supporting WP in Nottingham in 1990 or 1991: much as I admire Gedge's band, you blew them off the stage that night! Not trying to grovel or anything, honest!!!

Anonymous said...

A Teenage Fanclub cover sounds good to me...'Ain't That Enough' (2nd vote!) or pretty much anything off Grand Prix. Or keeping the Scottish theme, Jesus and Mary Chain 'You Trip Me Up' or Orange Juice 'Falling and Laughing'. How about a Scottish themed month???

mueblerunner said...

Graham Parker "You Can't be Too Strong" off of Squeezing out Sparks.

Chris said...

The Cure- Letter to Elise or pictures of you
The Dambuilders- shrine

P Farley said...

When I read the "Boston" suggestion, I immediately thought "More than a feeling" before realizing the geographical intent. When I read the second Boston suggestion I thought the same thing.

So, I'm going with "More Than A Feeling" Has to match some long island childhood memory.

Also, I third the wedding present suggestion.

Thomas said...

Okay, my choices....

'Here And Now' by Letters To Cleo
'Slapped Actress' by The Hold Steady
'Valerie Loves Me' by Material Issue
'My New House' by The Fall
'Anybody Else But Me' by The Odds
'Stay' by Oingo Boingo
'Wasted Pretty' by The Figgs
'Nineteen Forever' by Joe Jackson
'Butterfly' by Lloyd Cole
'Long Way Down' by Lloyd Cole

(yes, my musical tastes are...twisted up)

Bill Janovitz said...

Not sure if my estimate is correct, but I don't know at least half of these songs, I would say. very interesting.

jesselun said...

Do some Faces!

Anonymous said...

OASIS (R.I.P.) - Cigarettes and Alcohol

Bill Peregoy said...

How about Elton John's "Rocket Man?" I saw you do it years ago live. I think it may have been at Nightstage.

David Huijzer said...

You can't put your arms around a memory (johnny Thunders); Substitute (The Who); I love you period (Dan Baird). To name a few... but please keep up the good work, I am enjoying your COT\TW!

Ed C. said...

"Lullaby"- Gigolo Aunts

Francesco said...

hey Bill, I have lots of ideas/requests.
It would be great to listen you covering very different things and music styles.
For example you could cover some new female pop contemporary artists, stuff like "Poker Face" from Lady Gaga or "I Kissed a Girl" from Katy Perry, that would be funny!
Another area might be the new contemporary rockers, a song by Coldplay or Death Cab for Cutie or The Killers.
Another area might be new songs from 80s indie rock artists, like "Over it" from Dinosaur Jr, for example...
One more can be some cool songs from the 70s, maybe a little out of your usual tunes, stuff like Paranoid from Black Sabbath, or Highway to Hell from AC/DC, etc.

It would be great to hear any of these!!


Whirling House said...

I will match the donation provided by Yonkiman for any Aimee Mann, who spent time in Boston. I can only hope that Yonkiman's charity of choice isn't NAMBLA or something like that...

rich L. said...

Boys Of Summer - Henley

Life In A Northern Town - Dream Acadamy

Square One - Tom Petty

Elderly Woman... - Pearl Jam

Mark said...

A few requests ...
Love Vigilantes by New Order
Debris by The Faces
Don't Go Away by Oasis
Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down by Merle Hagard
The Oldest Story in The World by The Plimsouls
The Drugs Don't Work by The Verve
We've Got Tonight by Bob Seger
You Don't Know Me by Ray Charles

Anonymous said...

the gambler. i dare ya.

Mike said...

honey i'm a big boy now by billy bragg

Russ Cox said...

How about "Little Black Egg" by the Nightcrawlers?


riggit said...

How about "To Love Somebody" by the Bee Gee's, or "Mystifies Me" by Ronnie Wood?

BB said...

I too would vote for an Aimee Mann song. Or Dan Bern. You know that guy? He's great.

xstijnx said...

Another vote for a Billy Bragg song!
"To Have And To Have Not"?

Bill Janovitz said...

Keep 'em coming, all. I will try to get to as many as possible of those that strike a chord.

Bob said...

Here's a bunch I'd like to hear:

Pontiac Brothers - Maybe "Cry", "Suicide Note", "Ain't What I Call Home"... or anything!

True Believers - "Wild Eyed and Wound Up" or "Please Don't Fade Away"

Mission of Burma - I'll second the request for "Forget"

Wilco - "Dash 7"

Tommy Keene - "If You're Getting Married Tonight"

Tackle Box - "Party Doll"

Centromatic - "D Boon Free" or "Most Everyone Will Find"

Chris Mills - "Crooked Vein"

Slaid Cleaves - "Horseshoe Lounge"

Bob said...

Uh, a couple more

Graham Parker - "Fools Gold"

Uncle Tupelo - "Gun", "Grindstone", "The Long Cut"

Red House Painters - "Have You Forgotten"

Smitereens - "Behind the Wall of Sleep"

Dramarama - "Haven't Got a Clue"

Pixies - "Wave of Mutilation"

Paul Daddario said...

a few more

"Major leagues" pavement

"fairytale of ny" pogues, a duet

"every dog has his day" lets active

"amplifier" the Db's

"pillow talk" guadalcanal diary

"shes fetching" big dipper

"academy fight song" MOB

"folsom prison" johnny cash

"house that we used to live in"

-the smithereens- (should have brought this up after the waits cover)

"whats my scene" hoodoo gurus, (a bit poppy- but a great tune)

"black coffee" by squeeze

"hold on hope" gbv

rich L. said...

One more for me...In honor of Obama's brilliant idea to make the school year longer...a non-cover cover request (for the kids):

Summer's Gone

Mike H. said...

I will second "Gun" by Uncle Tupelo. Classic song that is right in your wheelhouse. In fact you would hit this one over the Citgo sign.

gabi from brazil said...


Sin City - gram parsons (isnt that an equivalent to freebird tho?)

Dont wanna know if you are lonely - husker du, or Green Eyes from flip your wig

some Tom Waits or Elvis Costello would be nice. I want you (intense!) or Kinder Murder.. Blue Chair!

anything by AIMEE MANN because she rocks my socks.

one of Chris' songs, like Kitchen Door or Darl, but with you singing lead (obviously).

Dear Doctor, AGAIN.

or anything from the let it bleed / beggars banquet era.

Brad said...

really late on this, but a couple of suggestions

any tom petty. walls would be great though

sugar - explode and make up


Brad said...

and for non-cover, crutch would be fantastic. love that song

Randy Reichardt said...

Hey Bill, what about Boomtown by David & David? I think you could do a killer cover of that tune.

Anonymous said...

Poor Side Of Town - Gene Pitney
Riot Act - Elvis Costello
Martha - Tom Waits
Summer Rain - Johnny Rivers
Cold Part Of Town - Concrete Blonde
See How We Are- x
The Promise/Jackson Cage - Springsteen
Down River- David Ackles
Dark End Of The Street- James Carr
A Woman Left Lonely
My Curse - Afghan Whigs
Danko/Manuel - Drive-by Truckers
don't forget me- Nilsson

Anonymous said...

"Hate it When You Leave", Keith Richards.
I don't have a witty, or even half-interesting story as to why you should cover it, Bill. Favorite songs change all the time and for all different reasons, but this has been a constant favorite of mine since the first time I heard it, and every time I hear it I wonder what a Bill Janovitz version would sound like. That's about it. Thanks.

...if Keith is a no go, how about "I Still Want You", Del Fuegos?

Earthdog70 said...

Someone beat me to the Tommy Keene request. So anything by Wire Train would be cool.

brigham boy said...

Bill, knowing that you like to use a capo...

Skyway - Replacements

Norweigna Wood - Beatles

Runaway Train - Soul Asylum (Try capo on 5 and play it in G)

On a side note, if Bill'd allow, Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs are playing an acoustic cover show at the Regent Theater in Arlington in Novemember.

Eddie Fields said...

Endless Night - Graham Parker
Isn't It A Pity - George Harrison
Changed the Locks - Lucinda Williams
Mary Anne - Marshall Crenshaw
Bold as Love - Jimi Hendrix
Pigs on the Wing - Pink Floyd
Jokerman - Bob Dylan
Question - The Moody Blues
Hey Bulldog - The Beatles

BF said...

There are some great ideas for covers in these posts.

Here are a couple others:

"California Stars"-Billy Bragg and Wilco (it's a Woodie Guthrie poem

"Crazy"-Afghan Whigs

"Knot in It"-I requested this at a solo show you did years ago in either Cambridge or Somerville and you said you never played it acoustically. I thought it sounded great back then.

ned said...

how about showing mark sandman/morphine some love?perhaps "in spite of me"/"the night"-full band treatment.and don't forget mr john prine..."in spite of ourselves"(duet)/"that's the way that the world goes round"/"it's a big old goofey world"?lucinda williams..."drunken angel"/"2 kool 2-be 4-gotten"?i second nilsson...-
..."put the lime in da coconut..."/"gimme some truth"

Ghost said...

Love to hear any of these:
Almost with you- The Church
Bobby Jo- Francis Dunnery
Berlin Chair- You Am I
Real Fine Love- John Hiatt
Falling in Love-Randy Newman
Sparky's Dream- Teenage Fanclub
Medicine Hat- Son Volt
Thanks Bill

Anonymous said...

Paul Simon - "I Know What I Know" would be perfect!

- Neil

Terry said...

I second the Explode and Mame Up (Sugar) and Wave of Mutilation (Pixies)requests. Also...

Frank Black - Los Angeles

Bob Mould - See A Little Light
Sugar - Believe What You're Saying

Replacements - Unsatsified / Answering Machine / Here Comes A Regular / Within Your Reach

Dylan - Make You Feel My Love

Neil Young - Wrecking Ball

Nick Cave - Are you the one I've been waiting for

Christian said...

I'll add to the overwhelming Teenage Fanclub outpouring and hey, sure, how about "Ain't That Enough" - maybe get some of your lady friends for harmony vocals. I'm also going to throw out Whiskeytown - I know you're a fan and I think they'd fit in very well with the CoTW vibe. "House on the Hill" is one that jumps to mind, but I ain't trying to be pushy.

ned said...

blame it on the stones...i've said it before and i'll say it again.you should cover "exile on main st. ".the whole mother fuckin' thing...round up the usual suspects and give it a shot.you could do readings between "sides" on the album...a shot across the bow of the s.s. mick& keith.and as dr. john sings in "such a night"..."you know if i don't do it somebody else will".

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill!

How about some Dinosaur Jr. and Pixies!

Anonymous said...

The Rainbow Connection - Kermit the Frog (Paul Williams)

Anonymous said...

Okay...here are some of my idea

Grateful Dead-- Box Of Rain
James-- Out To Get You (Chris Toppin could help you with this. that would be sweet)
Johnny Cash-- Man Comes Around

Okay...I saw you do the NON-COVER of the weeks...I really think you need to get an acoustic version of Porchlight. It's such a great song. Every time I've seen you guys in concert here in NYC, I'm the iditiot screaming for it.
You really need to get this out there.


Jim said...

How about "Christmas Blues?" I love the version on Bob Dylan's new Christmas album, and went back and found the Dean Martin version. I think you could seriously do this one justice.

kingseyeland said...

How about one or more of these?

"The Other End of the Telescope" - Elvis Costello

"Dry My Tears and Move On" - Richard Thompson

"Someday" - Steve Earle

"The Indifference of Heaven" - Warren Zevon

Hearing any of these would be a real thrill. Love the CotW project, and I'm glad you continue to do it in light of everything that's happened lately. That's sort of what art is for.

John Vollaro said...

How about....

Springsteen "Growin' Up"

Bowie "Ziggy Stardust"

Afghan Whigs "Gentlemen"

Balphagor Jones said...

Only Ones, "Language Problems"
Dolly Parton, "I Will Always Love You"...I have a bootleg of Alex Chilton doing it live that was amazing (despite the terrible recording), would love to hear your take...
Lou Reed, "Temporary Thing"
And to throw one recent song in the mix, Rilo Kiley, "Portions for Foxes"

Matt said...

I would love to hear you do "Sure Know Something" by Kiss.

I just think you could pull off a great version of this song sans seven inch heels.

Brisbane, Australia

Anonymous said...

Save it for Later by the English Beat


It's Only Money Tyrone by Marah

Anonymous said...

since you have a folky side that really likes singer songerwriter dudes, how about John Prine's Speed of the Sound of Loneliness.

Murgs said...

How about a Smithereens tune or two...would love to hear your take on "Strangers When We Meet" or "Blood and Roses"...Your versions would be amazing!

John Vrsalovich said...

Bill -

I'd love to hear you cover Danny & Dusty's "Song for the Dreamers".

Oh yeah, donation for sure - probably Union Station Homeless Shleter in Pasadena, CA.

Dave said...

How about something by...

Bettie Serveert - Kid's Allright? Tom Boy?

or maybe

Sebaadoh - Rebound? Ocean?

Anonymous said...

Downeaster Alexa?

Cathy said...

I'm just now discovering the greatness of James Carr and think you could do a killer version of "Dark End of the Street" or "Lovable Girl."

Craig in P'burgh said...

Hi. Love the site. My humble request, the Styne / Cahn tune "I Fall In Love Too Easily". Easily my favorite song but not by just anyone.

Anonymous said...

Bill, love your blog. About ten or eleven years ago in San Francisco, I saw you do a cover of "I Don't Go Around Mirrors." I ran home that night to find out who wrote/performed it and it has been one of my favorite tunes since. I'd love to hear you do it again....


FONADI said...

Hey, just found your blog. Let Me Come Over is one of my favorite albums ever. good to see you're still around and making music. Thank you very much for all the great music sir.

Mark said...

I would like to Hear Warren Zevon's 'Hula Hula Boys' - even if I don't get this one, I really like what you are doing and appreciate your commitment to your art and your fans!


Mark said...

OK, how about Yo La Tengo's 'Mr. Tough'???

johny said...

hi Bill, here a few songs i would like you to cover
I see a darkness : Johnny Cash
The hitch hiker : Tom T Hall
Today I started loving you again :
Merle Haggard
Father and son : Cat Stevens

thanks Bill for sharing your covers
they're great

keep playin' on
greetz johny

D'artagnan said...

something silly or pop, that you are almost embarrassed that you like

Matthew said...

As I first encountered you in Leicester on that same tour with The Wedding Present I'd have to go with them - something like Dalliance or My Favourite Dress? Please?

Doug said...

I second the 2/6/10 request from "Johny" - when I heard Boots of Spanish Leather and It Makes No Difference, "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens popped into my head as a song I think you'd cover very well.

Thanks for the great music and memories the past 20+ years, Bill. We're all better for it :o)

Bill Janovitz said...

Hi all--- Some great ideas in here, many of which I have done live -- Today I Started Loving you Again; I Never Go Around Mirrors; Dark End of the Street; etc -- and some I have always loved -- Father and Son; I Fall in Love Too Easily. And then there are many I don't know at all and will look up.

Thanks for your ideas.

Tom Fay said...

I have two...one is a bit of a stretch...Song called As Forever As You by Face To Face (the Boston band)..the song never got a true chance.....the other is Skyway by the Replacements...oops thought of another by Tommy Conwell If We Never Meet Again...chao from Medellin, Colombia

Anonymous said...

Leon Russell
'Stranger in a Strange Land'


Gabriel said...

Hüsker Dü: "No Reservations".
Anyone from Brandauer.

John Mellor said...

Love the site and the COTW. BT did a great cover of Going Underground. Didn't see any Jam/Paul Weller request? How about Man in the Cornership, Smithers Jones, or Weller's Broken Stones?

Lawrence, UK said...

Blue And Grey Shirt by American Music Club? Or something from the classic Eleven:Eleven album by Come ?

Sumisu said...

Still listen to Buffalo Tom all the time, just found this blog and I LOVE it!

If you're taking suggestions here is round 1:

Cigarette - the Smithereens
New Slang - the Shins
Suicide is Painless (theme to MASH)
All Men are Liars - Nick Lowe
Unsafe Building - the Alarm
You Stole the Sun From My Heart - Manic Street Preachers
An End Has a Start - the Editors
Cruel Reminder - Heatmiser
When You Were Mine - Prince
Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric
Trail Of Tears or Litany - Guadalcanal Diary

Sumisu said...

oh and something brand new?

The Cave by Mumford & Sons

Me said...

Hi Bill,
Dying to hear you cover some Flying Burrito Brothers. "Hot Burrito #1" or "Sin City" would hit the spot. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear a cover of the song "Needles and Pins" originally written by Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono.

The song was originally recorded by Jackie DeShannon. Other hit versions of the song were recorded by The Searchers, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Stevie Nicks, Smokie and by the Ramones. This song is a truely subversive 60's pop songs. Lyrically raw yet melodic, and simpleand complicated positive and negative at the same time. Naive and dominering..(the get down on your knees part is chilling) hope to hear it happen.

johny said...

how about "That's how I got to Memphis" by Tom T Hall, must be great with your voice

bradleyjdor said...

JJ Cale Things (To do in Denver when you're Dead)

You Rock that one.
Bradley J

william said...

Maybe Ricky Nelson's, "lonesome town" I could see that working really well with what you have been doing here.

william said...

ricky nelson's "lonesome town". I could see that working very well with what you have up here.

Ben said...

I'd love to hear your take on Calexico's Two Silver Trees:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this site. Always wondered why no one has covered Campaigner before. I'd like to download boots of spanish leather...
Springsteen: growing up; atlantic city
Son Volt: tear stained eye
Wilco: anything off of a.m.
Alejandro Escovedo: broken bottle
Palace: I am a cinematographer
Tracy Chapman: all that you have is soul
Ronnie Wood: Wish that i knew
And. of course, your own No Expecations (lonely, not raved-up_If there's room for another NY, my vote is for Captain Kennedy.

Jeremy P said...

I have never seen you guys perform "Do You In" which is one of my top 5 BT songs. That would be great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,
Saw Wilco a couple of weeks ago here in Melbourne,Aus,and they were fantastic.How about giving one of these Wilco tunes a go:
Poor Places
Magazine Called Sunset

Thanks again.Oh, by the way,I heard your version of Sweetheart Like You on the radio today on RRR along with a bookreading of Exile On Mainstreet.I read your review of the song from the link and really enjoyed it.At some stage in the future if you have time I'd love for you to write about songwriting from your perspective.Perhaps take one of your songs and take us through the process from spark to finished track.As a fan I've loved the writing as much as the music on this blog.The personal anecdotes are a nice touch.

The Riverboat Captain said...

Gram's Kiss The Children would be excellent.

a_jump_of_stupid said...

I would love to hear you do 10,000 Maniacs' "Hey Jack Kerouac" accoustic and with a slowed down tempo.

Anonymous said...

I think your voice would be great for a cover of the clash's "rebel waltz" off of sandinista. another is "the hard way" by the kinks off of school boys in disgrace.

dontcallmebob of
lou gehrig's disease
project artichoke &
don't call me bob

Anonymous said...

Severed Lips - the Blake Babies version on Rosy Jack World EP as inspirations as much as the Dinosaur Jr. original

j metaphor said...

would love to hear you do Stephin Merritt/The 6ths' "As You Turn To Go."

Brent said...

How about Bittersweet by the Hoodoo Gurus ?

Mark said...

Hi Bill, How about "Sequestered in Memphis" by The Hold Steady?

CarolD said...

You must do some old Rod Stewart

Lawrence, UK said...

As i write this it's exactly 11 years since Mark Sandman died. How about a nice cover of a Morphine song as way of a tribute? You have good taste so i'm assuming you are a fan.

Dave Dikeman said...

Bill - How about Lucky Man by The Verve.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout a tune from the late Hank Cochran? "Ain't Life Hell?" or "Make the World Go Away". Hank passed last week.

Rob Flint said...

After listening to quite a bit of Tegan & Sara this week I think you'd do a great version of Call It Off Bill.



Carlos. said...

Smashing Pumpkins - tonight tonight

Anonymous said...

How about some kind of a duet with Juliana Hatfield?

ronleppo said...

I'd like to hear you're version of debris please

Teddy said...

The Girl I knew Somewhere by the Monkees.

jeff said...

Crutch or something by the Lemonheads would be cool - Confetti or Half the Time?

Maximum Jack said...

Long time listener, first time caller. I was wondering what you think of Robert Pollard and/or GbV? I think you would do a great version of "I Am Decided".

Jeff said...

Glen Tipton or Salvador Sanchez by Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon would be fantastic.

EVOLVE. said...

Many moons ago an up and coming band named The Fundamentals opened for you (I remember one amazing night in Hoboken). I would have bet the house they were going to become the next R.E.M. when MCA dropped them just before the release of their major label debut entitled Evolver (way before John Legend took the title). ;)

Have you ever thought of covering one of their songs?

John said...

Amateur Hour - Joe Jackson

Rafael said...

Hi Bill,
I'm a fan from Brazil.
I'd like to hear you singing a Toad The Wet Sprocket song called "Windmills" from the Dulcinea album.

Anthony17 said...


Thank you for taking the time to record your Covers of the Week. It's been a musical education, and I've loved the entree/insight into different artists.

Still I can't resist an opportunity to jot down a few songs I love. Apologies, if they're needed, for my biases to the 1980s and 90s and for putting so many Australian artists into the mix:

- Bettie Serveet "Ray Ray Rain"
- Juliana Hatfield "Lost and Saved"
- Nick Cave "Breathless"
- The Triffids "Trick of the Light"
- Hunters & Collectors "Throw your arms around me" or "Say Goodbye"
- Go Betweens "Bye Bye Pride"
- Ed Kuepper "Everything I've got belongs to you"
- Powderfinger "These Days"
- The The "Uncertain Smile"
- Canned Heat "Going Up the Country"
- The Warumpi Band "Jailanguru Pakarnu" or "My Island Home"
- Shane Howard "Flesh & Blood"

- non-CotW "Wiser" or "You'll never catch him"

A few slightly more recent...
- Allo Darling "Let's Go Swimming"
- Missy Higgins "The Special Two"
- Beth Orton "Sweetest Decline"
- Taylor Swift "Fifteen"

And just to join the chorus...
- The Replacements "Skyway"
- Paul Westerberg "Born for me"
- The Rolling Stones "Moonlight Mile"


looneyrwb said...

Hey Bill, long time listener, first time caller. I was listening to the radio the other day and heard "This Time" by INXS. A great song. But tought it would make a great cover for you, because once you strip away the upbeat pop production, the lyrics point to a really soulful tune.
That's my two cents anyway.

johny said...

Hi Bill, how about something from Charlie Louvin or the Louvin Brothers.When I stopped dreamin' is a great song. thanks for all the other great covers

echolocation said...

Hey Lonesome Billy-
How about "peninsula" in honor of the train engineer who sounded his whistle in perfect timing at the end of a perfect album. That was a little divine intervention if you ask me.


tomzak2000 said...

Heya Bill.

Warren Zevon please.

Keep Me In Your Heart
Excitable Boy

Certainly not light fare, but powerful songs nontheless.


Tom Kasprzak

evelien said...

It's obvious what my requests are going to be...got a couple of songs you can choose from but all ofcourse from one artist...Pete Droge!

Sad Clown, Two of the lucky ones, Beautiful girl, Small time blues, Northern Bound train, Hampton inn room 306, 4th of July, So I am over you, Hardest thing to do, Under the waves, A lot like you, Going whichever way the wind blows.

Would love to hear your take on one of these songs!


dean52 said...

Bill, sincere thanks to you for continuing these gifts to us. We realllllly do appreciate them. It sets you apart, moreso than you already are!
Boy, there's so many, dozens I could think of, but perhaps 3 old gems to start with? Any one would be awesome..
Echo & the Bunnymen= Killing Moon? any of your faves.
The Smiths= Back to the Old House
dbs= A Spy in the House of Love
--Here's to crossing my fingers! Rock on, Bill!

Earthdog70 said...

I'll throw my hat in the ring with another request for a Wire Train tune. Great show with Ted Leo a couple weeks back BTW.

D S said...

Great Buffalo Tom set @ WFNX Clambake. I'd love to hear your take n "The Book of Love" by the Magnetic Fields.

More local live shows soon! Puh-lease!

Martin said...

Have you forgotten - Red House Painters.

Great idea. Wished I had discovered this site earlier.

Love the stories.


Matt "Chief" Hubner said...


Love the blog; just found it. This COTW concept and execution is fantastic.

I have a couple of requests from two of Portland, ORs finest artists. These recs are right up your alley.

Richmond Fontaine - Polaroid or Collapse

Jerry Joseph - Syracuse (listen to the version from Cherry)

Thanks for the killer BT show in Portland this past year.


Gonzalo said...

Anything by THE SMITHS sung by you must surely be great.

Hoover Pendleton said...

How about "Lovers in a Dangerous Time?"

Matt Dumas said...

Ruby- Kenny Rogers

Matt Dumas said...

Ruby - Kenny Rogers

Matt Dumas said...

Ruby - Kenny Rogers