Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cover of the Week 46 and Ticket Give-away

Here is a cover of the Stones' "Let it Loose," recorded at the Attic in Newton, Massachusetts 4.21.05. It was around the time or the release of my book on the subject of the album, Exile on Main St. for the 33 1/3 series by Continuum Books. So I did some readings from the book and played a bunch of Exile tunes, as well as some loosely related material -- originals and non-Stones covers. The show was a cooperative effort with Tim Huggins, who used to own Newtonville Books and was one of the founders of one of Boston's all-time great series, Earfull. These were mixed shows of author readings and musical performances at the tiny -- and long lost -- Kendall Cafe Pub in Cambridge. Tom Perrotta, Dennis Lehane, and one of the Farrelly brothers were all rubbing elbows at the bar one night. Those nights were a blast.

Well, I was honored to be invited by the kind folks at the Boston outpost House of Blues to do something like it at the Foundation Room at the H.O.B. on October 27. Check out the virtual tour; the room seems to fit the vibe of Exile, no? Well, we will play a good healthy set, I will do some readings, and I will sign some books.

Here's the thing: it is a private gig for members and Friends of the Foundation. But I get a bunch of tickets/guest slots to give away to friends/fans who want to come and check it out. If you would like to be added to the list, I think the best way to do this is email me at to put in your request. I will take the first however many I am allowed. There should be plenty of room for those who would really like to come.

Also, the week before, October 20, I will be playing a solo acoustic set before the wondrous Session Americana at the Brattle Theater in Harvard Sq. I believe I will sit in with them for a song or two as well. No guest list spots for that one.

Here again is "Let it Loose," as performed by Crown Victoria: Matt Tahaney on bass/vocals; Phil Aiken on piano, organ and vocals; and Tom "Cal-eye-forn-ee Here I Come" Polce on drums and vocals. The clam near the end is all me. One of my favorite songs of all time.

Let it Loose mp3


Anonymous said...

thanks for this week's treat - I'm sorry I missed that show!

minimus said...

great tune!

hey.. come to brasil... or help me to go to usa! hehehehehehe


Susan said...

Is Dinty in Session Americana? We'll try to get off our sandy spit for that one! Would love to see you do an acoustic set.

William said...


Nice work. I love the selection. New Crown Vic anytime soon or are you just keeping the chops up for the new BT disc? Both would be great in your spare time. Seriously- Thanks for the great music on the blog all year.

Randy Reichardt said...

.: Nice tune, Bill, really sounds full and vibrant with CV in on it. Was this live from the floor? Anyway, thanks again, really enjoyed this one a lot, and hope to see a new CV album after the next Buff Tom one!

Bill Janovitz said...

Hi guys -- It was live off the board in a small room, I think. No new CV material forthcoming; all BT -- whenever we can get it going -- right now.