Monday, September 29, 2008


I have good news and bad news. The good news is the Red Sox playoff games will not interfere this week with the inaugural show at the Lizard Lounge. The bad news is the VP debate will be happening. SO those of you who like to watch train wrecks will have to choose between our usual train wreck on stage and the other one known as Sarah Palin. I suggest you DVR the debate. which will also be linked ad nausem online. But Bill Janovitz and Crown Victoria and Friends will not be TELEVISED! You cannot DVR the visceral classic rock spectacle that is the Jano Show nor can you shut off the Jano/Aiken Debates about which song we should do next.

But I am tickled about the upcoming Lizard shows. We will have 5 of them. They will be only slightly more organized than the Toad shows. We will have more room to spread out. We will have a big acoustic component, either starting that way and building each set, or whole acoustic sets integrated into the evenings. I will write more set lists, even if skeletal. And, if elected, I promise to not take 5 minutes between songs at attempted "humor" to cover up the fact that we have no idea what to play next.

Many of the Toad shows -- given the intimacy of the place -- had people shut out on the sidewalk waiting to get in. Though there will be a nominal "fee" (no new taxes under my administration) to enter the subterranean homesick cavern club, you can rest assure that this will keep some of the riff raff out and also will have the benefit of allowing me to pay the musicians more than $12.34 each and then having to collect more in return from them for their breathtaking bar bills (no bail outs either).

So come down, one and all, starting this Thursday. Each night is special. It is like a "happening," a "be-in" and a celebration of our one-ness all at once-ness. You'll never know what you're missing, even if you are there. Guest stars, fireworks, shark acts, air shows, carnivals, feats of strength, safety demonstrations, language tutoring -- whatever you're looking for will likely be there for you. Just look within your heart. There, you found it!

Bill "Star Man" Janovitz

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AND MORE TOAD, and another show

hi guys

Yes, one more show at Toad Thursday, September 18. Then look for us every Thursday in October at the Lizard Lounge, all in fabulous Cambridge.

I want to announce another show, at the risk of losing more "fans" like those who defected from the mailing list back when I was right about the then-oncoming Iraq War, bemoaning the fact that an artist (yeah, me) whose music they liked had gone "political" (which really meant they disagreed with my politics). Anyway, this will be a short set on Dunster Road in Jamaica Plain, Boston, for a real street-level Obama fundraiser on Sunday, September 21. The event will also feature Jimmy Tingle, Michael Tarbox, Chris Toppin and Jim Buni, and other speakers and musicians. Jimmy has some details here: FUNRAISER

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Toad Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Sept. 4 and Sept 18. The Thursdays in October at Lizard Lounge, all in Cambridge, MA. Buff Tom may show up for some songs during October.

Hope to see you at BT Sept. 12 in Columbus Park, Boston.