Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Third of Four

Thanks to all who came, thanks to those who posted comments below, and thanks for your emails.

The second Thursday at Toad was even better than the first, and there is no reason to believe that the third will bot be better, with some guests lined up and yet more new material to play.

Here are some short rough video clips, compliments of the Speca's. The unfortunate part is that I am the only one you see in them. But we have a whole group of folks up there playing.

Springsteen cover

Long Island

And a couple of articles about Toad and Billy Beard that mention the residency, past and present (click)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Toad and the Regent Theater

I have been making promises I can not keep.

Chris Toppin could not make it to last week's show. And my old buddies (of which she is one) in the erstwhile Bathing Beauties, A.K.A Show People, will not be making it to this week's show. It will be more of the Crown Vic with Billy beard on drums. We will play more songs. Last week rocked, in my opinion. We will always miss Tom Polce until his return from Hollywood Babylon. But Mr. Beard is another superb drummer. We will maybe do 3 sets, one more acoustic than the others. We play a lot of old classic rock and soul songs so all you dads should come on down as a reward to yourself. We are like Taylor Hicks. You like him, right? Soul Patrol?

Also, JUNE 27 at 8: I will be playing a set of tunes before the screening of the locally made film that I composed the score for, On Broadway at the Regent Theater in Arlington Center and hanging out afterwards for a Q&A with the director, Dave McLaughlin and producer/actor, Lance Green (and maybe some others). It will be the final big screen screening around here.

Here is one of the pieces from the film:

I leave you with a song from Aretha and the choir:

Thursday, June 12, 2008

And It's On!

Celts are on tonight, yes, I know, but I thought that some of you might be into coming down to Toad, a fine pub in Porter Sq. to hear some music any of the next 4 Thursday nights, starting tonight. I will be leading/hosting a few different combos of talented musicians beginning around 9 and going late, with multiple sets of cover tunes, new and old original tunes, ill-advised improvisations, beer-sodden spoke-word ramblings (if this happens, I advise you that it will be time to go).

Tonight, I am pleased to have what will surely be the bedrock band of Billy Beard, Phil Aiken, and Matt Taheny -- joined by the opening duo of Jim Buni and Chris Toppin, who will hopefully be sticking around and joining us for many songs.

Next week, June 19, we will have most of the above group as well as a resurrected band I was fortunate to be part of, the Bathing Beauties (which morphed into a duo called the Show People). This will have Phil, Top and I, joined by Paul Kolderie and Dean Fisher.

June 26 looks to be pretty much the same as tonight, though we might have other guests joining us.

July 3 is too far in the future to ponder. But we hope you will make the leap of faith necessary and choose to remain in town for the 4th of July holiday, if for no other reason than to be part of The Magic that will surely happen on this final night. Actually, some of you are old enough to remember this same sort of Toad hootenanny 2 years ago that culminated in a late-night appearance by a True Rock Star (who does not supplement his income with a real estate gig) leading the band through a 20-minute version of Neil Young & Crazy Horse's "Cortez the Killer." I can't make any promises of such fabulousness coming down Mass. Ave. tonight, nor should you require any such promise, but like the Mass. Lottery points out, you can't win if you don't play.

Your friend,


Monday, June 9, 2008


OK kids,

Thanks to all of you who showed up in Dublin and Barcelona last week for Buff Tom. Now it is back home for the funfest.

For, Thursday is Bill Day at Toad in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA, USA this month. I will be hosting a shambolic hootenanny from 9 - close on June 12, 19, 26 and July 3. Many covers will be played. A lot from my solo records. Some BT tunes solo maybe. And I might try out a new song or 2 that I am working on.

Here is how the core is shaping up for each:

12th -- Chris Toppin and Jim Buni will play some songs together, followed by me plus a band that is 3/4 of the old Crown Victoria -- Phil Aiken (keys), Matt Taheney (bass), and the illustrious Billy Beard who has been kind enough to agree to sit in on drums for a few of these shows. Tom Polce was lured by the siren song of Hollywood, where he has sold his soul to the corporate music syndicates. Billy is well known around town as drummer for Session Americana, Dennis Brennan Band, as well as a drummer for some big time touring artists. Most importantly, he is a great guy who knows how to play the skins.

I believe the early 7-9 show will feature the band, The Rationales.

19th -- This looks like a battle of the bands, with the remnants of ye olde bar band, the Bathing Beauties, the songs of which Chris Toppin and I resuscitated and joined up with some newer songs to complete the CD Show People. This all star lineup featured Dean Fisher on the traps, Philly on the keys, Paul Kolderie on bass, and Top and me singing, guitaring.

And the Crown Vis facsimilie will also be playing this night. It will be a steel-trap death match.

26th -- I have no idea who will be playing. We may be the same CV band, though we might have a sub-sub drummer.

July 3 -- Same as above.

If worse comes to worse, I will play a lot of stuff solo or duo or trio. And once that runs out, we will do Jimmy Buffet covers as an audition for summer resorts.

Hope you can make it to some or all of them.