Friday, December 5, 2008

Bill Replies to Feedback, Requests, etc.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I'm sure I am missing some questions and suggestions, but I wanted to reply to a number of them as I go.

A couple of people have suggested songs that I've already recorded in similar versions and made available. See the Music page at for versions of Tupelo Honey and She Thinks I Still Care. Of course, Here Comes a Regular and others have been played by Buff Tom and with Crown Victoria as well and I'm pretty sure can be found as unofficial releases online. BTW, I know a lot of you are traders and record shows so feel free to post comments on how to trade such stuff. Let the comments section of this post be the area for requests and advice on trading and finding Jano/BT/Crown Vic material online. I would request you contact Kevin, who runs the BT and Jano pages, to see if you have something he does not. He is in the process of archiving media of the bands.

Anyway, this will be a good thread to collect requests. Try to keep them all here as opposed to other disparate posts. I will stop commenting on which ones I will or won't do and simply try to get to the ones that either inspire me or was I planning on doing. I am also going to cover a few Buff Tom songs in the solo troubadour method as well. At the bottom of this post will be a list of songs covered by me and the band that is sort of Crown Victoria at the residencies we have done in June, July, and October. I will likely get to many of these as well. Some clips of these shows are up on Youtube, Facebook, etc.

I can't suggest an amount to donate -- totally up to you.

As for making copies of this stuff and trading it, I can't think there is anything wrong with that. My main and only real concern is that these are not my songs and I don't have the rights to do anything with them, aside (I assume) from performing them. I look at these as mini performances rather than released recordings. And it is to encourage charitable donations. But if I get a cease and desist, I will let you know. These are the sorts of things that keep me up at night. That and the complete and utter collapse of the global economy.

Residency list we used as a starting point. We actually have a bunch more we added. (in semi-short hand -- feel free to ask if you don't know the songs/artists referenced herein) (also, if anyone notices missing songs, feel free to add):

What You Gonna Do?
I’ve Got a Feeling
Makes No Difference
Ain’t No Sunshine
Loving Cup
Bring it on Home
Whip comes Down
What Would I do (A maj)
She Thinks I still Care
Don’t Lie to Me (Stones doing Berry)
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, a Train to Cry (12-bar variation)
Atlantic City
That’s all it took
American Girl
Jersey Girl
Love Lives Here
Act Nice n Gentle (ACOUST)
No Easy Way Down (Top)
Barstool in A (then F#)
Oh Lonesome Me (ACOUST)
Foggy Notion
Memory Motel in (ACOUST)
Here comes a Regular (Capo 6) (ACOUST)
That's All it took (In A) (ACOUST)
Sam and Dave (Capo 1 play C)
When Will Be loved (capo 1 play A) (ACOUST)
You Won’t See me
You really Got A Hold
Wreck On the Highway (ACOUST)
Shine a Light
Ebony Eyes (Stevie W.)
4th of July
Mercy Mercy
heart of Saturday
Yesterday Is Here
Cul de Sac
one step up
That's All it took (In A) (ACOUST)
When Will Be loved (capo 1 play A) (ACOUST)
You Won’t See me
You really Got A Hold
Wreck On the Highway (ACOUST)
Memory Motel in(Capo 5 in F real) (ACOUST)
Here comes a Regular (Capo 6) (ACOUST)
Oh Lonesome Me (ACOUST)
4th of July
Act Nice n Gentle (ACOUST)
Atlantic City
She Thinks I still Care
Takes a lot to Laugh, a Train.
Pale Blue Eyes
Stay With Me
Star Star
Many Rivers to Cross
Kiss (Prince)


Mike H. said...

Crazybitch by Buckcherry.

I kid.

Kite - U2

Thomas Bergh said...

I suggest that a version of Nick Cave´s The Ship Song are both a challenge and a coming (already with Nick) favourite of mine/yours, beautiful lovesongs with a poetic touch are few nowadays...

rich L. said...

I know I've already requested a couple of songs and this will be the last (yeah right). But seriously:

Girl From the North Country - Dylan
(Great winter song)

Anonymous said...

nothing from you would be spam in my email


camille said...

I second Therbs' comment. Dan & I still have the residency shows we recorded on our server. For anyone interested, they can still be downloaded here:

One Step Up is going to be in heavy rotation on my iPod! All those who feel they don't like Bruce's "shtick" should give him more of a try. The songs that make the radio are not the best representation of his work. He is unbelievably talented, hitting the core more times than not, and his showmanship is unsurpassed, truly.

dan said...

hey bill - even paul westerberg is giving you cred - 12/6 news item:

Randy Reichardt said...

Hi Bill. Thanks for this detailed post, which answered some of my questions. When there is enough content from the CotW to burn a CD of the material, I will share with like-minded friends and advise that if they wish to do so, to please consider a small donation to the charities you support. If, as noted, you receive a cease and desist order and pass it on, I will respect that immediately.

As a Beatles fan, I'd appreciate hearing You Won't See Me or You Really Got A Hold on Me, or for that matter, any Beatles tune. I grew up in Winnipeg, and when I was too small to know or care about it, Neil Young and the Squires were playing in the west end, and Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings were playing in their bands in the north end, eventually coming together in the Guess Who. So if felt like doing any Neil Young or Guess Who tunes, that would be fine by me as well. :-)

Thanks again Bill, this is such a great gift of music you are giving us.

Kind regards,

blacker said...

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It). Beyonce.
You'd kill this song.

Greg said...

Sweet Lady Mary

Earthdog70 said...

Bill-how about your cover of Naked Raygun's "Managua"?

Happy New Year!